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new data shows consumers want optimized, safe packaging for E-commerce

Richmond, BC — (ReleaseWire) — 05/19/2022 — What do online customers want when it comes to packaging? A study developed by a packaging manufacturer in the United States revealed some interesting data: appropriate sizing, reduced waster, safety, identification, and branding were all highlights. To meet these demands and more, Racer Boxes now offers color carton packaging in Vancouver. For more, go to

Consumers Preferences

A closer look revealed that consumers about 75% to 90% of the packaging space should be filled with the product. As a result, companies that opt for appropriately sized packaging come out looking better to consumers. Disposing of excess material is a bother, especially to consumers who order online frequently.

In addition, when purchased products are not fragile, 80% of consumers said they were happy to receive orders in flexible packaging, such as protective envelopes. This not only lowers shipping costs but also reduces excessive use of packaging. In other words, while consumers are concerned about the condition of their goods, they expect companies to care about the environment and reduce unnecessary waste.

What About Packaging Design?
Study data also reinforced the importance of packaging appearance and its influence on positive brands relationship. With eCommerce replacing the traditional shopping experience, protective boxes and cartons are responsible for creating a positive brand impression.

In fact, 49% of online shoppers aged between 18 and 29 in the United States said they are more excited to receive purchases in packages that showcase the brand identity or that resemble a gift. This decreases to 37% for 30 to 44 years old; 29% for 30 to 44 olds; 29% for 45 and 60 years old. For people over 60 years, the margin is just 15%.

One of the takeaways is that custom packaging helps build brand awareness and create a positive unboxing experience for the consumer. Additionally, with concern around theft of goods, especially for premium products, most consumers prefer simple packaging like cardboard on the outside to conceal more elaborate packaging on the inside.

Importance of Packaging
For eCommerce, color carton packaging offers significant opportunities for differentiation for brand communication. Many brands may include elements such as QR codes to provide information and coupons to consumers. According to the study, 70% of consumers access offers and special coupons using QR codes, making them a bankable investment.

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