Clinical Application of Surgical Foam Positioners

With the continuous development of medical device technologies, medical instruments that are used on the operating table should be innovated and updated in line with the technological needs of the times. Surgical positioning pad, a major player on the operating table, should be able to prevent patients from decubitus ulcers or pressure sores caused by prolonged surgery, and its materials should meet strict requirements. The nursing staff used to sew surgical positioners with materials such as sponges and soft fabrics to make patients feel comfortable when lying for a short time during surgery. But sweat, bacteria or blood stains may appear during surgery, which fails to satisfy the relevant hygienic requirements. Mofolo Medical Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., a professional medical company dedicated in development, production and export of advanced medical consumable products, has been working with operating room and nursing experts to develop and produce medical instruments and nursing products since its establishment in 2016.

To provide comfort and convenience while preventing injuries during surgical procedures, as well as ensure safe and secure patient positioning by relieving pressure and amplifying stability, Mofolo Med designs and produces its surgical foam slotted head positioners by taking into account the needs of the surgeon, the patient and the hospital. The surgeon needs a positioner that allows the surgical field to be fully exposed, reduces the risk of body position, and ensures a smooth operation. The patient wants to reduce the risk of pressure sores during prolonged operative time and avoid cross infection arising from the infiltration of contaminated fluids during surgery. The hospital wants a positioning pad that can be functional not only passing through X-rays and other radiation but also  during CT examinations and radiotherapy, thus simplifying work procedures and improving efficiency.

Mofolo Med selects high elastic sponge with excellent softness, shock absorption and pressure resistance to manufacture its surgical foam slotted head positioners. Similar to human tissue, this high elastic sponge can disperse pressure, reduce local pressure, fully reduce the occurrence of pressure sores and nerve loss, and provide optimal support to relieve back pain and align the spine. Without silica gel, latex or plasticizer in the raw material, it is unconducive to the growth of bacteria and has no side effects on the human body. Moreover, the fabric and the joint are waterproof, impermeable and leak-proof, making it easier to clean and disinfect with alcohol and other non-corrosive disinfectant solutions, which meets the hospital’s infection control requirements.

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