Cliff Clements to Clothe Over 1 Million Less Fortunate Kids in 2022/2023 With New Kids-Fashion Line, SmartKidd

Buy one, give one

Since before the COVID-19, the world had been in a bad place with world hunger, children mortality, war in some areas and unemployment. The pandemic aggravated the situation and more people suffered job losses. However, it can be agreed that the set of people who suffer most are kids who really cannot fend for themselves or bear to go hungry or naked. While some organizations have been putting measures in place to tackle these terrible situations, individuals are also taking responsibility.

Amongst those individuals is rapper and business mogul, Cliff Clements who has launched out a new business with the aim to clothe less fortunate children. Recently launched in February 2022, Smart Kidd is operating on a unique business model. The kids fashion brand which is already making the rounds for its exotic designs will clothe a less fortunate child when any apparel is purchased. The buy one, give one model will be effective in carrying out Cliff Clements’ goal of clothing over a million children in 2022/2023 only.

While this seems like a huge ambition, Cliff Clements is sure that this can be achieved and is throwing all his weight behind this charitable cause. He wants to be able to reach out to children across several locations and affect lives.

A closer look at the designs at SmartKidd reveals that a lot of thought was put into making these outfits. From the quality of fabric to the cut, every SmartKidd design is exclusive. Kids have a range of over 100 outfit designs on the website starting from baby jeans to hoodies to bibs and backpacks. Every kid that is adorned with a SmartKidd outfit will most likely be tagged as fashionable.

With over 4 designs on the website sold out, Cliff Clements is on his way to achieving his goal of clothing 1 million kids. In the future, the rapper and business mogul hopes to move out to several locations across the Nation to provide unique designs for fashion forward kids and also to clothe 1 kid per outfit that is purchased.

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