Classical Girl Releases New NFTs to Explore the Women of the Renaissance

Classical Girls NFT is a female-led project in the rising “Girl Project Niche”.

Much like finding buried treasure on the ocean floor, finding a good NFT project can be a promising yet arduous task. There’s billions worth of gold waiting somewhere in the watery depths, but what guarantee is there that anybody is looking in the right place?

In a constantly changing landscape, the NFT market has risen from $100 million to $20 billion in just a year. 

The only problem is, how does one find a winning independent NFT project amidst the competition? A project that delivers utility, stunning art and raises the bar with new concepts.

A treasure has been found in Classical Girls NFT, a female-led project in the “Girl Project Niche”. A niche that has proven hundreds of millions in sales but is not as oversaturated as the animal project space where over 50 projects are released daily.

It’s better to choose something different. A project that truly stands out. 

That’s what Classical Girls is doing now. It is an independent project led by founders Megha and Victoria. Megha had already amassed 38 thousand Twitter followers before this project who support her artwork and writings.

In the Girl niche, there are many projects which aim low in vision and effort. They often rely on exploiting sexuality, degrading women rather than empowering them.

Classical Girls takes inspiration from girl projects such as World of Women and raises the bar for the space with refreshing artwork and an unparalleled 22 point roadmap.

The line features female avatars inspired by the renaissance. Any Game of Thrones fans or Renfest enjoyers will be thrilled to find a project which explores the setting of the Middle Ages. 

To immerse people into the spirit of the renaissance, the artist herself offers zoom classes about master paintings, books, and more from the time period. There is also a chess club where holders can compete for prizes such as trips to Paris or Florence.

Classical Girls NFT is the first NFT project that features original music and video from the very beginning, leading with acoustic ballads from Christina Carlson. For the music videos, they collaborated with Zac Seg, a well-known director. 

In addition to this, there will be an original TBA charity from the founders!

This is a rare opportunity to support a trailblazing vision from an independent art house committed to providing its patrons divergent art, a return on their money, educational services and charitable opportunities.

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