Cityroots – an NFT Community Promoting Social Safety and Fiscal Responsibility to Launch Their Vault on 1st Jan, 2022


Cityroots is a community that aims to safely bring new people into the NFT and DeFi space. They are the amalgamation of several communities banding together to promote social safety, fiscal responsibility, mental health and physical health while living in the metaverse. They provide a platform for meeting like-minded members for sharing stories and helping each other grow.


In the developing Web 3 space trust and integrity can often be overlooked in an attempt to make a quick buck. Stories spread like wildfire of people turning $200 into over $100k and social influencers then use those stories for their own gains. Cityroots is launching ‘The Vault’ to combat these influencers and the fomo culture they drive.

“Community is our currency”, said Joseph Yelle, founder of Cityroots. He continues to say, “We don’t expect a dime from anyone. Everyone is welcome.” Cityroots has found like-minded members who share the same vision and created a gamified community development structure. They use “E2E” (Engage to Earn) mechanics that provide a healthy growth path for the community and its future.

The ‘City Council’ or community leaders are staunch believers in humility, integrity, awareness, and compassion. These are required qualities for anyone looking to become a leader or ambassador within the community. They lead the space in identifying what NFTs are and why they exist and how they can best be used for the benefit of all.

Cityroots will be launching ‘The Vault’ on January 1st, 2022 as the first major milestone to providing social safety and fiscal responsibility. The Vault is the first crowdsourced NFT platform to gather all of the NFT collection data in one place for free and allow for anyone to review and explore these collections. Why is this important? Today, users interested in NFTs have to rely on their friends or social influencers to invite them to projects in order to get rewarded. This may not seem like a big deal, however, the money always comes from someone and these rewards are creating a perpetual system of fomo where new people to the space frequently lose their money.

With the help of The Vault, Cityroots will be auditing projects, gathering crowdsourced reviews as well as professional reviews for projects. A group of community trusted ‘Curators’ and ‘Auditors’ will review and audit projects before they are listed on The Vault for an additional layer of security. From there, users will be able to explore all of the NFT projects on The Vault to find ones that may fit their interest. You can search for the collections by the names, tags, review scores, or by sale start dates. You will also be able to subscribe to collections to follow along with their calendar of events.

These functions are all free to everyone rather than relying on people that are paid to ‘shill’ or market projects that eventually will lead to a loss of the funds for a majority of those involved. Lastly, The Vault will offer NFT Staking capabilities so that projects can secure their NFTs with time-lock functions. This will allow for social influencers to put their money where their mouth is and time-lock the projects they believe in rather than creating hype and selling at the peak to make a profit off of others.

For more information on Cityroots, visit and check out The Vault when it launches on 1/1/2022.

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Phone: +1 (315) 767-0521
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