Cinema8 Enables Its Intuitive Studio for the Creation of Engaging 360° Augmented Reality

Building engaging all-around augmented reality videos ideal for virtual tours

Cinema8 is thrilled to announce the launch of its creative platform that enables the creation, editing, and perfection of interactive videos with easy-to-use video creation tools. Through Cinema8, people can create self-fulfilling video contents that are immersive, highly engaging, and adventurous. Video creators are allowed to develop an exciting real-time experience for their audience through Cinema8 features that encourage direct action. This platform is ideal for brand owners and social media strategists concerned with boosting engagement, drawing traffic, and sustaining the interest of potential buyers.

With eye-catching, easy-to-integrate in-video tools, the Cinema8 intuitive studio allows for the creation of features that can enable customers to directly purchase products displayed in the video through one click. This is definitely a great way to build engaging 360° augmented reality videos to drive the much-needed engagement. Cinema8 understands that most video creators find it difficult accessing powerful tools that can provide the exact results they need; that is why they stay on the net for hours searching for the right application to proper the solution they need. With this in view, Cinema8 is highly committed to developing out-of-the-box video tools that help creators tell interactive stories and command the desired action.

Cinema8 allows creators to easily drag and drop the elements they want in their videos – this will enable them to explore a lot of features in the Cinema8 library of ready-to-use widgets. For the creation of tutorial videos, creators can add many features, including questions, feedback, buttons, overlays, custom forms, and clickable areas for a more simplified experience. They can also automatically generate analytics reports for the gathering and visualization of data. As a result of the numerous features available on the platform, users may not know how to make the most out of the features; hence, Cinema8 created in-depth learning resources that users can easily access to learn how to maximize all the in-video tools.

This all-inclusive video creation platform has been highly prized with overwhelming reviews by hundreds of users. According to an executive at Cinema8, “Since we are an educational institution, we wanted our students to take a quiz while watching the lecture video without going away from the video. Thanks to Cinema8, we have had this infrastructure. We are able to view and evaluate the detailed reporting data of the videos and exam results on the analytics page of Cinema8.”

“We see Tideo (Tofas/Fiat’s corporate tube by Cinema8) as the most powerful of our next generation of learning widgets. Because video learning has been the technology that responds to information both in business life and outside of work in the fastest and most effective way,” said Hande Coskun, Educational technologies and system development specialist, Tofas/Fiat.

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