Ciara Elle Set to Launch a “Pajamas and Planning” for Evaluation of Goals

Experienced life coach, author, and multifaceted professional, Ciara Elle, announces plans to organize “Pajamas and Planning,” an event to enable people evaluate the goals set at the beginning of the year

Ciara Elle has announced plans to hold a self-evaluation event tagged “Pajamas and Planning,” designed to create an avenue for participants to assess their progress as regards achieving the goals they set at the beginning of the year. The event will hold in the middle of May, strategically scheduled for the best results, as Ciara continues in her pursuit of inspiring as many people as possible to achieve their life goals, using the ‘SMART’ goal system.

“Some people set goals in January but are off track, some people never made any (for whatever reason. I will provide a workbook to help with the last 6 months left in the year,” said Ciara Elle.

New Year resolutions have become a norm over the years, with millions of people worldwide setting goals they hope to achieve within the calendar year. However, a good number of people fail to achieve the set goals for various reasons and some have described the concept as abstract and simply over-hyped. According to a publication on, studies have revealed that about 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail. Over the years, several initiatives have been developed to help people stay true to their resolutions and achieve some level of success. Unfortunately, such resources have failed to deliver the desired results, which is where Ciara Elle is looking to practically change lives through the “Pajamas and Planning” event.

The life coach seeks to work with participants to evaluate their goals as well as identify the factors that have hindered the achievement of the objectives. She will also be helping them work towards achieving the set goals within the 6 months left in 2022, using an easy-to-understand workbook. The program, which will start off as a girls’ brunch will feature brainstorming sessions to help create a plan.

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