Chyawanprash.ORG Picks 3rd February for Celebration of First-Ever International Chyawanprash Day 2022

The world’s first multi-vendor Chyawanprash online store is looking to celebrate the health benefits of the age-old Ayurvedic Chyawanprash on the 3rd of February to remind people of the importance of adopting a holistic approach towards their health

Chyawanprash.ORG is delighted to announce that it has chosen the 3rd of February 2022 for the celebration of the first-ever International Chyawanprash Day. The brand has also revealed that in line with the proposed celebration, it will also be requesting that the Prime Minister of India & the concerned team recognize the 3rd of Feb as the International Chyawanprash Day.

“The basic idea behind selecting 3rd February is that similar to the “1-2-3, start” that is used in most sports, 3rd February has been chosen to be the day when we start to truly take care of our health and to Get Stronger & Live Longer.” Readers are also enjoined to see the artistry behind choosing the 3rd of February; 123 Start: 1 for January, 2 for February, 3rd is the date.

According to the world’s first multi-vendor Chyawanprash store, a lot of folks begin the year strong with many new year resolutions targeted at improving their health and living better lifestyles. However, as the days turn into weeks, the excitement wanes and so does the dedication to stick to the goal. Hence, 3rd February has been selected to give a boost and take the excitement to the next level, as well as renew the zeal and commitment in people towards taking better care of themselves and their health throughout the Year.

Chyawanprash.ORG describes itself as a multi-vendor Chyawanprash store fully committed to creating awareness about Chyawanprash and its health benefits till the time Chyawanprash becomes one of the essentials in every family’s monthly budget for keeping themselves healthy. The platform insists that it promotes Chyawanprash as a Concept & not any specific brand or manufacturer. In addition to this, it creates awareness of Chyawanprash as a phenomenal health supplement that has a holistic approach to one’s health and as an age-old and time-tested Ayurvedic remedy. 

The Founder of Chyawanprash.ORG says he created the platform to make it easier for people to access the ancient remedy in a hassle-free manner & take care of their Health 24/7.

In this context, he remembers that he has a very emotional bonding with the term H-247 as he was closely connected with it from his very childhood. 

And adds that Having a full spoon of Chyawanprash daily as a health supplement can help in boosting one’s immunity and helps in guarding against various health issues. In addition to this, the Organic health supplement with its antioxidant properties helps in slowing down the aging process while making one feel young and strong!!

As an ideal practice, it is recommended for users to take a single teaspoon of Chyawanprash first in the morning, on an empty stomach and no meals should be eaten until 30 minutes after. The brand has also emphasized the fact that Chyawanprash is normally used as a preventive health supplement and not for curing any specific disease or illness. 

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