Chris Parsons Is Helping Christian Men Restore Their Marriages Through His “Happy, Healthy Marriage Reset” Program

By joining the “Happy, Healthy Marriage Reset” program, Chris Parsons shows men an overly-neglected ingredient for winning in marriage and enjoying marital bliss

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns all over the United States and the World, the post-COVID-19 era is expected to experience an increase in the number of divorce cases. While these projections have not been fully verified, jurisdictions all over the world and in nearly every city in the U.S. have reported significant increases in domestic violence. Additionally, relationships experiencing problems are likely being stressed to the point of breaking by factors such as the lockdown, financial strain, and political discord.

On this note, Chris Parsons, an entrepreneur and transformation expert specializing in helping Christian men struggling in their marriage, has launched his “Happy, Healthy Marriage Reset” program. The program is laser-focused, intense, and geared towards solving many of the problems married men are currently facing in their homes post-COVID-19. Chris Parsons distills his experiences building his family and wading through the stormy waters of marriage in the program, which offers exciting and informative course content after years of working with clients on these problems.

Speaking about the Happy, Healthy Marriage Reset program, Chris Parsons, Founder of Elevated Husbands, had this to say, “My mission is to help men experience God’s Love and Goodness in their marriages. When things are going bad and we can’t see God’s goodness, we can falter in our Faith, but we rise to the occasion and see God move when we feel empowered. The Happy, Healthy Marriage Reset Program is the distilled wisdom of my own journey and helping other Christian men to restore their marriages, even if marriage counseling hasn’t helped. Men are struggling because they’ve been so misguided that they end up doubting themselves, their worth, and their ability to change things. This program changes that.”

The Happy, Healthy Marriage can fix marriages that have deteriorated past the point of:

● zero passion or desire

● a wife not feeling happy despite her husband’s efforts

● a wife setting up emotional walls and other such defenses

● lots of arguments and bitterness, and

● a wife who is already giving up and not even interested in trying, etc.

According to Chris Parsons, the program will address the prevalent issues men are facing in marriage using the following pillars:

● Being empowered, at peace, and filled with hope and confidence

● Building attraction, passion, and desire

● Managing incentives without “punishing her” and vice-versa

● Sharing values so couples can be heard, valued, and appreciated

● Healing wounds and hurts to tear down built-up emotional walls.

Christian men struggling to save their marriage will find Chris Parsons’ course a helpful resource, guaranteed to help restore peace, love, and order. For more information, please visit

About Chris Parsons

Chris Parsons is an entrepreneur and transformation expert who specializes in helping Christian men that are struggling in their marriage. Whether they are on the brink of divorce or just feeling distant, Chris offers help to align the hearts of struggling men with God and restore marriages. He is the founder of Elevated Husbands, where he helps Christian men transform their marriages by sharing his knowledge and expertise to empower them to reach higher levels of success in marriage and life, becoming the men that God intended them to be.

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