Mexican comedians hit cinemas on January 7th, in a film directed by Carlos Santos

The beautiful streets of Paris or the tall skyscrapers of New York do not compare at all with Tenochtitlan, officially known as Mexico City and as Chilangolandia for the ‘cuates’. Here, in this asphalt jungle, there is a race that feeds on quesadillas that are not made of cheese and that is afraid of tremors: the Chilangos, who despite the natural and human forces they face, always come out victorious! Or at least that’s how they think they do it. In any case, you’ll need to watch Chilangolandia to understand exactly what the deal with these inelegant characters is. This irreverent Mexican comedy will hit theaters on January 7th thanks to Spanglish Movies.

In this film, the capitol city of Mexico is a place where many things happen and many stories are told, like that of Ramiro, the taxi driver. He is convinced that his life will change when his nephew “El Chulo” becomes the next soccer star by proving himself in basic strength.

On the other side of the city, Carmen and Miguel – a woman desperately seeking to improve her economic situation in the company of her bossy husband – will mistakenly receive a suitcase with 10 million pesos. The owner of the suitcase will seek to recover her money while this couple will have to spend the money before they are caught.

Chilangolandia is a comedy that portrays facets of the everyday life in this city from beginning to end. Among the actors who give life to this funny story are Luis Felipe Tovar, Silverio Palacios, Moisés Iván, Priscila Arias “La Fatshionista” and Liliana Arriaga, better known as “La Chupitos”, in her first appearance in a movie, where she makes a different character than the audience is used to seeing her playing.

Spanglish Movies, the leading US Hispanic movie distributor, will release it on January 7th.

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