Cheer Squads Across America Are Incorporating New Safety Tips to Reduce the Chances of Injuries

Cheer injuries are an all-too-common occurrence on high school and college campuses, which is why extra safety measures are being broadly integrated.

Hilliard, OH — (ReleaseWire) — 02/22/2022 — There currently are over 3.5 million cheerleaders across the United States that range from young children to grown adults, and it’s no secret that cheer has now become its own competitive sport at both high school and collegiate levels. These types of competitive dynamics have subsequently lead to increased injury risks for countless young athletes, and today nearly 20,000 cheerleaders each year visit the emergency room.

The National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury conducted research showing that well over 50% of all catastrophic female athlete injuries were from cheerleading, which is why many school administrators and coaches throughout the country have begun adopting firmer measures to keep cheerleaders safer for the long-term future.

ARES Sportswear is a custom apparel business located in Hilliard, Ohio that has been a cheer camp apparel leader for nearly 30 years. The ARES team has supported cheer squads of all ages when it comes to obtaining all the cheer camp outfits and gear they need, and they’re now stepping up to support cheerleaders throughout America by promoting many ongoing efforts to increase safety within the sport.

Below are some of the latest recommendations that are going a very long way to keep cheerleaders of all ages much safer during competitions and training sessions!

New Rules for Pyramids
New pyramid height restrictions are being implemented throughout the country to ensure cheer safety and reduce the likelihood of injuries, and at the high school cheer level this means that pyramids cannot be higher than two levels. The cheerleaders touching the floor must also be spotted by another individual to protect the pyramid’s base.

Cheerleaders that are on the upper levels of a pyramid must remain in contact with other members of the squad, and their heads cannot go further than horizontal. Cheerleaders also should not be rotating in their dismounts out of a pyramid.

New Basket Toss Rules
The new rules include that only four throwers should be involved in this type of cheer maneuver, and at least one of the basket throwers should be behind the flyer.

The flyer cheerleader should not have their head go below horizontal throughout the entirety of the toss, and floor mats are now highly recommended for this type of stunt to reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Floor Mats Are Being More Widely Encouraged To Reduce Injuries

Landing mats are not currently mandated, but today they are being more widely encouraged when performing all sorts of cheer stunts. Although it’s potentially difficult to properly set up floor mats during acrobatic stunts, more cheer teams are using mats more often during advanced gymnastics maneuvers.

This is why cheer performances are now given more time so that they can properly set up their mats and remove them when the routine is over.

Additional Recommendations Regarding Dangerous Surfaces

Many cheer injuries are caused by the actual surface that the squad is performing on, and many wet surfaces like turf and grass can be the root cause of serious injuries.

This is why cheer coaches are now being more widely encouraged to stop their squad from performing advanced gymnastics maneuvers when these types of dangerous conditions exist.

Improved Stunt Progression

A lot of cheer experts believe that injuries are occurring more often in recent years due to high-level gymnastics maneuvers being implemented into the sport, which is why cheer coaches and training staffs must be more cautious when supporting their team’s efforts in learning basic skills prior to introducing more advanced stunts.

Stunt progression is now one of the biggest keys to reducing the overall likelihood of cheerleader injuries, and it comes down to how the squads are being trained on a daily basis.

Stricter Spotter Requirements & Training

Spotters have already been mandated for serious stunts like basket tosses and pyramids, and this is a mandate that must be abided by both in competition and in training sessions.

But it’s important for cheer coaches and squads to understand that simply having spotters is not enough, because spotters must also be properly trained to protect cheerleaders during various types of gymnastics maneuvers.

More Comprehensive Safety Certifications for Coaches

Every cheer coach is being encouraged to become fully certified in cheer safety, and this pertains to all levels of the sport. Coaches now must undergo rigorous classes and training sessions so they know exactly how to implement safety measures during training and performances.

Today it’s believed that only around 30% of high school and college cheerleading coaches are properly certified, which is now becoming an ongoing story that should be followed in the coming months ahead.

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