Changing the Healthcare Landscape: Med Matrix, the Ambitious Journey of a Teenage Entrepreneur in South Portland, Maine

Revolutionizing Medicine with Personalized Care and Regenerative Therapies.

MedMatrix now has a dozen practitioners

South Portland, ME – Aug 15, 2023 – At the young age of 18, Cole Siefer, against all odds, embarked on a journey that would not only change his life but also revolutionize the healthcare industry in South Portland, Maine. Starting out as a podcaster and content creator, Cole’s life took a drastic turn after a near-fatal accident, leading him to discover the world of functional medicine and regenerative cell therapies. This experience inspired him to establish Med Matrix, a state-of-the-art medical facility offering cutting-edge treatments to patients seeking personalized care and transformative healing.

A Challenging Path to Success

Cole’s story began when he made the bold decision to drop out of college and focus on his entrepreneurial pursuits. However, life had other plans for him. On August 15th, a mountain biking accident left him with severe injuries, including a traumatic brain injury and speech impairment, threatening his social media ventures. Determined to recover and get back on track, Cole was introduced to functional medicine, particularly ozone blood transfusions, a therapy renowned for its immunity and healing benefits. Witnessing the incredible results firsthand, he was inspired to share these life-changing treatments with others.

The Birth of Med Matrix

With determination and a lack of conventional knowledge about starting a medical practice, Cole set out on a mission to establish Med Matrix. Surrounding himself with professionals and immersing himself in functional medicine, he began offering regenerative cell therapies like stem cells and exosomes. The success stories of his clients and their remarkable recoveries fueled his passion to expand Med Matrix’s services.

Transformative Healing and Unwavering Ambition

Med Matrix has now become a beacon of hope for patients seeking effective and personalized healthcare solutions. The facility, spanning 4500 sqft in Portland, provides services in North Conway, NH, and Bangor, ME. Patients who once faced life-altering physical injuries are finding solace and healing at Med Matrix, a testament to Cole’s unwavering ambition and commitment to changing lives.

The Future of Medicine: A Personalized Journey

For Cole, Med Matrix signifies a full-circle experience, where he now exposes others to the transformative power of functional medicine and regenerative cell therapies. His journey from being a podcaster to the CEO of a pioneering medical company has not been without challenges. Overcoming age-related stigmas and discrimination in the business world, Cole aims to motivate others with his inspiring story of turning adversities into blessings.

Join the Medical Revolution

Med Matrix continues to grow, expanding its reach and impact in South Portland and beyond. With the belief that regenerative cell therapy holds the key to the future of medicine, Cole and his team are committed to delivering personalized and exceptional care to their patients.

About Med Matrix

Med Matrix is a leading medical facility founded by Cole Siefer, providing innovative treatments in functional medicine and regenerative cell therapies. Their mission is to deliver personalized care and transformative healing experiences for patients seeking optimal health and wellness.

To learn more about Med Matrix and its innovative medical treatments, visit their website: You can also connect with them on Instagram: @colessiefer and @medmatrixusa.

First Podcast Episode being Back: (this was two weeks after the hospital bed photo)

From left, Cole Siefer, Ann Giedd and Carrie Siefer partnered to start MedMatrix, offering both functional medical services and aesthetics services.

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Company Name: Med Matrix
Contact Person: Cole Siefer
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Phone: (603) 630-7229
Country: United States

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