Experienced spiritual healing specialist and Reiki therapist, Nirmala Raju of Infinite Healing, continues to receive accolades for her revolutionary Joyous Body Protocol course

Nirmala Raju, popularly known as Nila, is fast becoming a household name for people looking for natural, holistic treatment options, with her Joyous Body Protocol course particularly standing her out from contemporaries. The course, otherwise known as JBP, is designed to unlock limitless benefits, helping the “clients’ bodies to have ease beyond their imagination.”

JBP MY NEW FACIAL”. No make-up, No facewash, Just 15 mins of daily JBP gift to my body with Light Keys, Have been struggling with 20 yrs of recurring acne on and off since school days. My skin has got clearer now with natural glow…and I would continue giving this beautiful gift to my body with gratitude to Mrs. Nila for sharing this simple amazing tool. This is just one of the side benefits when the body feels JOYOUS from INSIDE OUT!!!”

Millions of people in different parts of the world go through different situations that often have a devastating effect on their health. The statistics of healthcare solutions and brands across the globe is a testament to the increasing demand from customers worldwide. Unfortunately, many of the solutions fail to deliver the desired results, especially in terms of the longevity of the effects. However, Nila has mastered the art of delivering long-lasting, all-inclusive solutions for overall wellbeing, as substantiated by the reviews for JBP and other programs from the Reiki practitioner turned the spiritual channel and medium

Joyous Body Protocol is designed as a simple self-help process to help bring out great shifts in the body. This protocol which is part of the larger Light Key Wellness System channeled by Nila, leverages the energy of the Light Keys, which are applied to various parts of the body to create optimal health and restore the body’s healing capacity. Some of the identified benefits of Joyous Body Protocol include enhanced energy flow, relief from chronic pains and aches, a stronger immune system, and an overall sense of wellbeing and vitality.

In line with Nila’s goals of spreading the Light Keys campaign, the spiritual healer is also grooming other practitioners, via a Self-Study course that comes with a certification, training them on how to help others to create ease and joy in their life.

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