Celebrating Billance’s Launching 3 New Users Campaigns

Billance Earn is a form of fixed saving system introduced in order for traders to enjoy 100 % Annual percentage yield (APY.  This is done in a bid to help traders achieve their investment goal and get maximum profit. Although Participation in the fixed savings is voluntary and Billance does not in any way coerce, interfere with or influence the decisions of users on the kind of investment plan they make. Registration already started and it will run from the 18th of February through 20th of February, 2022. The interest on the investment will be calculated and this is applicable to only registered members of the Billance community. The fixed savings interest calculation will run for seven days starting from the 21st of February, 2022. Every registered investors get a total hard cap of platform of 20,000.

Users who have registered on Billance can visit the website and start saving up assets under the “Earn” section. Users are required to agree to and abide by Billance’s interpretation or determination of the Terms and Conditions.

Registered Billance members also stand a chance to having a share of 10000 USDT by following Billance official social media accounts.

Billance is one of the best crypto platforms and deserves to be known by all and sundry, therefore, Billance has finally launched its official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and other social media platforms. We urge you to show your support to us buy following our pages, engaging our contents and also share with friends. We have also launched a campaign to share 10,000 USDT to members who participate in the ongoing campaign.

To participate:

• Follow, retweet and tag 3 Friends  to follow @billanceglobal on Twitter

• Follow Billance’s Youtube, facebook and reddit account

• Join Billance’s Telegram Group

• And Lastly, fill your Billance UID

Each person stand a chance to receive up to a maximum of 1,000 USDT reward. It has commences on the 16th of Feb and will end on the 8th of Mar, 2022

1st Prize, 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize are 1000, 3000 and 1000 USDT respectively, for participant who are first to complete all the given task and/or complete at least 3 task before the end date

Also, the first five users with over 5000 fan will share 5000 USDT amidst themselves

These following tasks qualify you for the listed prizes

Also, in order to help traders maximize their earning, Billance has introduced four New Tokens Billance Exchange. Investors can easily achieve their desired financial spot with the se stable and profitable token introduced. They also get to enjoy diverse options and experience. The new toke exchange includes:





All token are in USDT form that is the value will be maintained within the crypto market while avoiding uttermost volatility.

Billance encourage users to get involved and use these new trade options for a better trading experience. Based on the success of this new tokens introduced, Billance will be able to launch more digital assets in the nearest future.Start Trading Crypto on Billance! > https://www.billance.com/auth/ZhV70N

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