CD BioGlyco, a biotechnology company serving the glycobiology field, has established a multi-omics platform that helps accelerate scientists’ cancer glucose metabolism research.

CD BioGlyco, a biotechnology company serving the glycobiology field, has established a multi-omics platform that helps accelerate scientists’ cancer glucose metabolism research.

Cancer is a worrisome health condition whose prevalence is increasing worldwide. According to statistics, there were approximately 18.1 million new cancer cases and 9.6 million cancer-related deaths in 2018. Therefore, it is very important to develop effective anti-tumor therapeutic modalities.

So far, the molecular mechanism of glucose metabolism reprogramming in cancer cells remains largely unknown, and a general mechanism for glucose metabolism reprogramming in different tumor cells has not been identified. However, certain shared mechanisms that regulate glycolysis and glucose uptake in different tumor cells have been reported, enabling these cells to meet their anabolic demands. Certain small molecules targeting the glycolytic pathway have shown potent antitumor activity in vitro and in vivo. Therefore, understanding the mechanisms by which glucose metabolism regulates cancer cell progression and the best ways to exploit this reprogramming to effectively target cancer cells is critical.

Through this multi-omics platform that based on genomics, fluxomics, proteomics, and metabolomics, CD BioGlyco can provide quantitative analysis and functional analysis of glucose metabolites at the cell, tissue, and animal levels during the whole process of cancer progression, metabolic enzyme expression and activity detection, and glucose metabolism, flux analysis.

Now CD BioGlyco offers a wide range of services to promote the application of cancer glucose metabolism research in the fields of cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Cancer Cell Glycolytic Analysis

Accurately analyze the metabolites involved in the glycolytic pathway, the activities of metabolic enzymes, and the expression, modification, and interaction of glycolytic-related proteins.

Cancer Cell TCA Cycle Analysis

Help understand in detail the role of the TCA cycle pathway in cancer metabolic reprogramming, analyze changes in the genome, metabolites, metabolic flux, protein expression and modification during metabolism.

Cancer Cell PPP Analysis

Comprehensive analysis services of glucose metabolism in the cancer pentose phosphate pathway, including quantitative analysis of metabolites in the pentose phosphate pathway, expression of metabolism-related enzymes, and mutation of metabolism-related genes.

Gene-level Regulation Analysis of Cancer Glucose Metabolism

Enable the study of the link between oncogenes, tumor suppressors and glucose metabolism, non-coding RNAs, epigenetics, and other mechanisms of glucose metabolism regulation.

“This multi-omics platform enables scientists to focus better on what maters most—creating a healthier world, rather than wasting time switching back and forth between several platforms.” commented Anna, one of the official speakers from CD BioGlyco.

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