Tarpon Springs, FL – Carl H. Mitchell, an accomplished author and retired IBM executive, has published his latest work, “Sundown (Derailing Dystopia — Book 1)”. The novel, released on November 7, 2017, is the first in a trilogy of thrilling dystopian tales.

“Sundown” takes place in the year 2057, in a world starved of oil and controlled by the murderous World Council. The Council, with their 100 percent control of petroleum, has forced every nation to bend to its every dictate. NYPD Detective Nick Garvey is assigned to solve the murder of the Vice President and four Secret Service agents, leading him to President Lenora Allison. Together, they plan to install a new energy source to free the world from the Council’s grip. But the Supreme Leader of the World Council, Jason Beck, has other plans and will stop at nothing to eliminate both the President and Nick Garvey.

Mitchell’s engineering and computer background lend an air of authenticity to his writing, making the story feel all too real. His love of fiction started at a young age with Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, and he has been hooked ever since. With “Sundown”, Mitchell aims to entertain and challenge readers.

“Sundown” features an ensemble of captivating characters. NYPD Detective Nick Garvey is 62 years old, with dark but greying hair, and in good physical condition. He struggles with his daughter’s survival after she is beaten into a coma by her live-in thug-boyfriend. President Lenora Allison is 61 and in strong physical condition, with excellent leadership skills. She vows to destroy the World Council, freeing the world from its grip. Supreme Leader Jason Beck is ruthless, with no regard for any life that gets in his way to control all of the world.

The book is set in a dystopian future where the World Council has controlled the world’s energy for the past twenty years, leading to a fifty percent decrease in global population. The story takes place in Manhattan, which has broken into fifteen separate neighborhoods, each with their own police and rules. The city is almost devoid of police, and couples are only allowed one child, leading to babies being kidnapped and sold to sterile parents.

“Sundown” promises to be a captivating read, filled with action and intrigue. When asked about the book, Mitchell said, “I hope readers will be entertained and find the story thought-provoking. I wanted to create a world that would make readers stop and think about the consequences of unchecked power and greed.”

“Sundown (Derailing Dystopia — Book 1)” is available on Amazon in paperback format. The book is also available on Kindle, and a free sample can be read on Amazon. For more information on Carl H. Mitchell and his work, visit his website at or contact him at

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