CareHive Continues to Lead the Way With 3-Pronged Technology Approach – for Health Plans, Patients, and at-Risk Providers

CareHive, a leader in the health technology landscape, is transforming healthcare delivery through its pioneering 3-pronged technology approach — an initiative designed to revolutionize healthcare plans, amplify patient care, and support at-risk providers.

Houston, TX – CareHive, a leader in the health technology landscape, is transforming healthcare delivery through its pioneering 3-pronged technology approach — an initiative designed to revolutionize healthcare plans, amplify patient care, and support at-risk providers.

Dispelling the boundaries that segment the care continuum, CareHive’s unique solution ingeniously combines three core components:

Comprehensive Diagnosis Navigation – an advanced approach aimed at increased patient engagement and health outcomes
Site of Care Navigation – a tactic that guides patients toward high-value and cost-effective care
Top of Licensure Navigation – an efficient system to monitor both individual and population well-being

This distinctive triadic framework fills significant gaps in our current healthcare system and paves the way for a future where precision-tailored care becomes a standard. Rooted in data-driven insights adapted via machine learning algorithms, CareHive’s strategy creates value across all health plan domains by escalating support for undiagnosed conditions, optimizing treatment pathways, reducing provider burden, and enhancing patient experiences overall.

Ronald Dixon, CEO of CareHive, explains their Comprehensive Diagnosis Approach: “By integrating machine learning predictive analytics into diagnosis workflows, we can amplify our ability to proactively identify under-diagnosed conditions and unrecognized comorbidities. Our 3-pronged approach adds value to health plans and is crucial in bettering patient welfare—a key driver in CareHive’s overall mission.”

This robust model holistically addresses today’s digital healthcare challenges by intertwining clinical expertise with pioneering technology.

Comprehensive Diagnosis Solution

In the evolving digital healthcare landscape, CareHive’s Comprehensive Diagnosis Navigation approach is a touchstone by bridging technology and the personal touch in patient care for improved health outcomes.

This strategy significantly improves patient recapture rates through proactive data-driven engagement and diagnosis, allowing for more accurate population diagnoses and coding. From a financial standpoint, this polished accuracy enriches reimbursement potential for healthcare plans and providers alike – a benefit that manifests through increased revenue opportunities. An estimated $12.4M Incremental Plan Revenue can be recovered per 10K at-risk lives.

At the patient level, optimizing coding accuracy improves HCC capture rates but also enables whole-person care delivery right at the point of care by featuring data-driven insights as part of clinical decision support.

Moreover, it enhances patient engagement through a comprehensive end-to-end journey that offers frictionless experiences while simultaneously reducing provider burden by enabling navigation to the right level of service at the optimal time using evidence-based care algorithms.

Site Of Care Solution

CareHive’s second arm of the 3-pronged technology approach is the Site of Care Navigation. This interface ensures a streamlined journey by guiding patients and escalations towards high-performing, cost-effective, in-network care sites.

Recognizing and closing gaps in patient care coordination, this strategy acts as an efficient referral management system by utilizing high-quality networks, thus presenting a solution to patient leakage, disconnected care engagement, and cost exacerbation. For example, a patient needing an MRI can be seamlessly routed to the most cost-effective, quality care site for their specific need.

This methodology optimizes cost-effectiveness by steering patients towards value-oriented sites for procedures, including imaging and laboratory tests, which effectively reduces the overall cost of care. Patient engagement is further enhanced through the provision of end-to-end frictionless experiences that improve treatment plan optimization and render seamless connected care experiences using insightful data.

For providers, the reduction in administrative burden concerning referral follow-throughs is a distinct advantage. The Site of Care Navigation translates into improved health outcomes due to better coordination and care connectivity.

Top of Licensure Solution

The Top of Licensure Navigation solution concludes CareHive’s triad of digital healthcare innovations. It is a strategic tool to manage and improve patient health outcomes through efficient monitoring systems. Using an asynchronous-first engagement approach, this aspect of their technology strives to provide appropriate care escalation and de-escalation pathways.

This intelligent solution optimizes cost and resources by navigating providers and patients toward the correct level of care using tailored care escalation algorithms. In doing so, it reduces the cost of healthcare and directs patients toward high-value-oriented care networks as opposed to merely relying on ERs or hospitals.

Approaching patient engagement from an asynchronous method allows CareHive’s solution to provide a seamless patient experience while simultaneously retaining them within their platform for virtual visits. Furthermore, this alleviates provider burden by managing acute, chronic, and post-acute patients to better clinical outcomes with fewer in-office visits.

About CareHive

CareHive is the birthplace of the CareHive360 platform—an asynchronous-first, data-driven platform designed for navigators and clinicians. Harnessing the power of AI machine learning and adaptive algorithms, CareHive360 offers seamless end-to-end patient experiences. It enables quality improvement through evidence-based care and navigation pathways, while providing real-time ROI through analytics and evidence of impact.

Those interested in learning more about CareHive’s comprehensive solutions or discussing potential collaborations are invited to connect with them directly. Alternatively, visit for more details.

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