Career Coin Is Tapping Into the Boons of Blockchain Technology by Releasing Digital Tokens for Human Resources

The team is revolutionizing the world of human resources by an advantageous merger with blockchain

Blockchain technology has expanded its tentacles to reach beyond the sphere of the tech-savvy, computer engineers and crypto enthusiasts. The technology is making in-roads to the world of human resources, revolutionizing HR as it is typically known.ย  Human Resource has numerous advantages to benefit from application of blockchain technology such as recruiting, training, career development and other more.

The Career Coin team is willing to revolutionize human resources through the input of blockchain technology by giving more power to talents. By leveraging on this technology, the Career Coin team is building an innovative HR platform to help talent grow career-wise and earn rewards by finding a new job, validating their skills and certification, following or teaching a training course or offering services within the freelance marketplace.

CareerCoin leverages blockchain-based Smart Contracts, meaning every transaction done on the platform will come with guaranteed delivery and transparency, providing users with maximum safety. Furthermore, it leverages AI and machine learning to automate most routine HR tasks with better efficiency and accuracy. One of the examples of this is job match functionality.

Whenever a company posts a job on the platform, CareerCoinโ€™s AI will fetch the CV from suitable candidates and automatically forward it to the hiring manager. The company will pay for acquiring the CV of the best potential candidates (thanks to AI matchmaking), and CareerCoin will recognize a fee to the candidate.

Career Token will be released on the Binance Smart Chain platform and will fully comply with the BSC standard. The token presale will begin on the 8th of May on The BSC standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services such as wallets, exchanges, listings, to mention a few while provides easy integration.

Most importantly; organizations, investors, businesses and human resources managers have a lot to gain with the incorporation of blockchain technology as this can ensure the sustainability and longevity of their businesses.

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