Car Enthusiasts, Chevy and Shades, Launch Redline to Help Bring Their Community Together Through Cars

The car club also runs a detailing service for comprehensive fixes and servicing, and the couple have revealed that the brand will extend its content to accommodate music, fashion, and much more

January 4th, 2022 – Two Atlanta residents, who are also a couple, have announced that owners of luxury cars in the city, and everyone else who is fascinated by exotic automobiles, can join their car club to showcase their cars and share their love for automobiles with other members of the community.

Chevy and Shades, both founders of the car club, Redline, say they started the brand to create a fun legal activity that community members can enjoy. In an introductory video on the brand’s YouTube page, Chevy made it expressly clear that while the car club was accepting members, it would however indulge in zero illegal activity or any sort of reckless display that could be described as disturbing the peace or causing a nuisance.

“We’re not going to do any of that crazy stuff. If you’re one of those folks that love to go to parking lots and burn out tires, run from the police and have helicopters chasing you, then Redline is definitely not for you.”

Speaking further on membership requirements for Redline, Shades revealed that the car club would not require any of its members to pay due, levies, etc. As regards the type of cars accepted, the couple says they accept almost all types and gave a long list that includes Mustangs, Chargers, Camaros, Corvettes, etc.

“As long as your car runs and you can create the time during weekends to come out for community service, you can be a member of Redline. We want active members. We’re trying to be active in our society, amongst our peers, etc. So we want folks who’ll actively participate.” – Shades.

For Chevy, cars have always been his passion ever since he was a child. The co-founder of the Redline recalls always sticking his head under the hood of cars as a little boy, especially moments when his dad would make him join in fixing wheels and running oil changes even in the cold winter.  

Apart from creating a socially focussed community around cars, Redline also runs a comprehensive detailing service that promises premium care including efficient vacuum cleaning and polishing of tires, trims, and dashboards.


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