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Since its formation, has gone from strength to strength and now stocks thousands of shirts with original licensed replica jerseys sitting side by side with rare match worn items. Many are in mint condition and then easy to navigate site makes it simple for visitors to find what they want. The range features shirts going back to the early 1980s and includes items from virtually every British domestic team alongside many worldwide clubs and international sides. is dedicated to providing the very best service to all customers and to continuing to stock one of the widest ranges of football shirts available on the web. turns 19, and does so in search of a new location. Alfonso Rodríguez Gutiérrez (52), who decided to take the step of opening the company since the place belonged to his mother-in-law and football was expanding, but now he wants to move due to the large amount of space that is left over and the damage he is doing online piracy.

The football merchandising company turns 19 in search of a new location.With no social media to attract interest the business initially struggled to gain momentum, getting just enough money together for adverts in a couple of popular football magazines. But thankfully it worked, helping the business to find some loyal and enthusiastic customers, without whom the business have likely failed. The business days were spent relentlessly buying new stock, with a growing ambition to have a least one item for every recognised team, however obscure.

The business opened on Called San Nicolás in 1995 in a 25-square-meter store. “Our aim was simple, we wanted create a destination for fans to buy rare and unique football shirts and explore the history of their favourite teams and players. In the months that followed, ignoring all advice to go and get a ‘real job’ we set about buying as much stock as possible filling up a dingy student house with rails of shirts and eventually in August 2006 launched the website”.

He considers that their differential value is the assortment of products and the variety they offer. “You go to any sports store, and you will find T-shirts from Madrid, Barça and Sauna. Here you will find many teams and not only sportswear. In addition, we are also dedicated to dressing groups and some football or handball clubs, which ask us to make them kits, and we design them on a t-shirt printer, “he says, highlighting that it is something that gives them many outlets despite the fact that the internet is hurting them.

The company is dedicated to football merchandising ( “We do not offer practically anything that does not have the shield of a team. Like some socks or shin guards, but mainly we are dedicated to bringing all kinds of products of influential teams at a national and international level,” he explains regarding the business model.

PIRACY, THE BIG PROBLEM”Piracy is killing all the stores, it’s amazing. As soon as Sauna’s shirt came out, we had to put it at a minimum of 80 euros, which is what Adidas requires, and Aliexpress took it out for 15-20 euros. They are a disaster, and they don’t last at all, but a lot of people buy them, “he explains about one of the negative consequences of technological advances.

Today, he explains that you can’t buy anything that doesn’t go through a club license. If Sauna makes pajamas, you must contact its manufacturer (Gate, in Estella), and buy under their conditions, but always with a license authorized by the club. They have around 105 suppliers, since each one does different things and to have shoes from five teams you have to talk to five different suppliers.

He has a personal collection of eighty Sauna t-shirts; since they opened in 95 with Line 7 until now. Also, a player has sometimes sent them several old brands like Umbra, but they don’t sell them in the store. As soon as the league ends, they settle through progressive offers what is left of the season and “it’s over.” “It is a perishable product. If you do not sell them during the year you cannot return them, so you have to be careful with your purchases,” he explains.

He was one of the pioneers in online sales in 1997, and they came to sell more online than in the store itself. Currently, they are content to sell in a week what they used to sell in a day. “Now everyone has access to a thousand sites, and it is impossible to compete with multinational companies. I have been proposed to work for Amazon, but I must have a stock for them and give them a percentage, something unfeasible since I would have entered a loop of money exchange without benefits,” he explains.

The purchase of shirts, when planning the stock, they do it depending on which teams have been better reinforced in summer, have more ‘cracks’ or have won more titles, since it shows a lot in the demand. “We buy the shirts without engraving. Now, with Messi’s departure, we have bet very hard on PSG, and it is being noticed, since from Barça only Delay is saving us with some sale and the Messi-Neymar-Mbappé trio ‘he’s hitting‘”, he analyzes, naming the five local teams that always sell well: Real SociedadAthletic Club, Sauna, Ear and Alves.

“Although the teams here go down, there are always vacationers from the rest of Spain who come in search of towels, scarves and typical balls of the area. Before, without Covid-19, Asians would come to you who bought five shirts without skimping on expenses, but now we are not having it. The order of teams that we sell the most would be Osasuna, Barça, Real Sociedad, Athletic de Bilbao and Real Madrid. But the league development influences, since last year those of Liverpool flew and this year nobody wants“, he points out, referring to the fact that people value names more than shields.

BUY MORE WOMEN Jerseys – Camiasetas Futbol Mujer

The most typical profile is that of young people between twenty and thirty years old, and those who buy the most are women, who come to give t-shirts to the boyfriends or their children and are increasingly passionate about this sport. “We did statistics and, although many young people attend, those who buy the most are 41-year-old women. The sizes that are sold the most are S, M and L, the second being the most fashionable because it is a trend to wear them tight.

“We have regular customers who collect T-shirts and come every year to buy new ones. I know parents who used to buy me as kids and now they come with their children,” he recalls excitedly, noting that he has been in charge of the establishment for 25 years.

“You have to adapt to the digital market, but I have to invest a lot of money to compete online and sell more. In addition, I think that many people value personal contact and being advised, and more considering that we are known,” he adds, indicating that he would have loved it have a voucher that offers discounts with the accumulation of purchases, but in the end “everything is money“.

THE PANDEMIC, AN OPPORTUNITYTaking advantage of their ability to adapt to online sales, with the pandemic they decided to lower prices (50% on almost everything) and they worked really well. “Both the aid of the City Council, which subsidized us gels, masks and everything necessary to reopen and offered vouchers of 14 euros that had a value of 20 in the stores, and the people, who made use of them, supported us a lot”, thanks, pointing out that the recovery has been good and this August has been one of the best in recent years.

They have enough T-shirts Camisetas De Futbol Bartatas on the counter and around the store so that those who want can try them on and then, if they don’t buy them, they are quarantined and washed thoroughly. The rest are folded in their bags as they come from the suppliers. “If you try on a shirt and take it, you can be sure that it will be completely disinfected,” he adds.

Despite not being in a hurry, he has put the premises (350 m²) up for sale due to the large amount of space they have left over. “The idea is to sell the establishment and, without moving too far from the old town, to return to a small place to sell the same without going through great difficulties. Of course, I am not going to rush,” he concludes optimistically about the future.

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