Cameron Keegan Announces Launch of “Dear Rest of America” a Newsletter Aimed at Addressing the Startling Decay of Patriotism Among Young Americans

There is a growing decline of patriotism among Americans, and while it may be taken for granted, the repercussions are grievous and must be avoided

Patriotism, defined as the love for and devotion to one’s country, is integral to the fabric of any successful nation. In America, reckoned as the most powerful nation in the world, patriotic and selfless individuals gave their quotas in contribution to their country’s growth and development. Sadly, there is a dwindling sense of patriotism among young Americans, which tells a sad tale.

A study conducted by Harvard University showed that 89 percent of Americans in their late teens and twenties self-identified as “somewhat patriotic” or “very patriotic” in a 2002 poll. However, this proportion had dropped to 63 percent between 18 to 29-year-olds by 2020.

According to a Gallup poll from 2018, only 33 percent of young people were “extremely proud to be an American,” a concerning decline of 22 percentage points compared to a similar poll five years before. And if that weren’t alarming enough, a survey conducted jointly by The Wall Street Journal and NBC News in 2019 revealed that only 42 percent of Gen Z-ers (born 1997 to 2012) and Millennials (born 1981 to 1996) said patriotism is very important.

This decline in patriotism among young Americans must be tackled immediately for the country’s posterity. On this note, Cameron Keegan is pleased to announce the launch of a newsletter entitled “Dear Rest Of America.” Cameron is an independent researcher in American history, entrepreneurship and political activism among young people, and “Dear Rest Of America” is designed to inform and inspire America’s youth and older generations who care deeply about the country’s trajectory.

“The newsletter consists of articles about American history, politics, culture and faith with a mostly conservative disposition,” explained Cameron Keegan. “I aim to reach an audience, probably with a more libertarian or conservative persuasion, including parents, educators and business owners who have children or grandchildren likely to be Millennials or Gen Z. At the same time, I welcome an audience any political persuasion and age group interested in patriotism and polarization to check out my work and subscribe.”

Aside from declining patriotism in the U.S., Cameron’s newsletter also seeks to address the introduction of a “national strategy for countering domestic terrorism,” which is an attempt to challenge homegrown terrorism and “protect both the nation and the civil liberties of its citizens.” Cameron believes if the government is keen to devise a plan to tackle domestic extremism motivated by anger, disgust, and the exclusion of perceived non-compatible groups from American society, more and more young Americans need to become not “somewhat patriotic” but “very patriotic” and “extremely proud to be an American.”

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Cameron Keegan is an independent researcher in American history, entrepreneurship and political activism among young people. Cameron has also worked with children, teenagers and young adults to support their learning and development. Through the “Dear Rest Of America” newsletter, Cameron aims to post articles about American politics, faith and culture, particularly affecting Millennials and members of Gen Z. Although the writing reflects firm views, often with a conservative disposition, Cameron’s articles offer open-ended questions, allowing the reader to draw their own conclusion.

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