Callie Landis of Lancaster Placenta Company Announces Feature on MTV’s Jersey Shore as She Encapsulates Lauren Sorrentino’s Placenta

Lancaster Placenta captured encapsulating Lauren Sorrentino’s placenta on MTV’s Jersey Shore

Founder of Lancaster Placenta, Callie Landis, is thrilled to announce her big feature on MTV’s Jersey Shore, where she encapsulated Lauren Sorrentino’s placenta alongside her husband and co-star, Mike Sorrentino from ‘The Situation’ on Season 5, Episode 3. As a result of this feature, she prides herself on being the only encapsulator that has ever been featured on television in the United States. Being a professional placenta encapsulation trainer and business coach with four certifications, Callie Landis has been featured on a host of celebrity TV shows, including MTV’s Kailyn Lowry from Teen Mom 2 and Kaitlynn Carter from MTV’s The Hills: New Beginnings.

Strictly following the healthcare industry standards outlined by USDA, Lancanster Placenta provides top-notch healthcare services with a great turnaround time, adhering to safety and sanitation protocols. The company prioritizes upcoming mothers, providing them with herbal products and natural remedies to help them successfully overcome postpartum issues. Recently, the company launched its new herbal tinctures, including: “Mom Fuel” – a pick me up for increased energy levels, “Liquid Gold” – increasing the quality and supply of mother’s milk, and “Level Headed” – to help with mild to moderate mood dysregulation.

Callie Landis took an interest in creating sustainable solutions for women post-baby after struggling with common postpartum issues later conceiving her first child. While battling with these issues, she realized that there was insufficient information available on natural solutions to the issues. Interestingly, this seemingly difficult phase of her life became the starting point for victory over postpartum complications.

Having found the solution in her placenta at the time, it inspired her to create unique remedies to help moms easily snap out of the complications. She started the encapsulation process on herself and got overwhelming positive results. Not only did she recuperate faster, but her depleted postpartum body was also revitalized and healthy again. Since then, her company, Lancanster Placenta, has been widely known for producing natural, safe, rapid solutions to post-baby complications. The encapsulation package costs $279 and contains a placenta print and cord keepsake to provide new moms extra value.

“For your upcoming motherhood and pregnancy stories, enter Callie Landis, Founder of Lancaster Placenta Co., an expert in placenta encapsulation and training and herbal remedies. Helping women thrive post-baby, her products offer a natural, safe, and affordable way to combat very common postpartum issues, including; baby blues, postpartum depression and anxiety, anemia, excess baby weight, low milk supply, lack of milk, lack of energy, fatigue, night sweats, hair loss, mental fog, out of balance hormones, and slow bonding with their babies. The launch of Callie’s new herbal tinctures also assists moms with kids at any age with energy, mood, and milk supply. What makes her product better than others? Better pricing, more products through the evolution of the pregnancy to motherhood process, with placenta casts, prints on canvas, and even placenta balm!” said the company’s spokesperson.

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