Caleche Customs Is Keeping Campers Above Ground With the Launch of the Unicamp Kia Carnival Pop Top Tent in the USA

With the Mercedes-Benz Metris ending its production, there is a gap in the market that Kia Carnival is filling in earnest

All lovers of adventure and the great outdoors can testify to the unrivalled physical, mental, and social benefits of camping. Over the years, outdoor camping has been an effective method of disconnecting from technology and taking the time to discover oneself while engaging in physical activities that help to improve overall health. For families, camping is a prime opportunity to forge deeper connections as the children have the opportunity to learn survival skills such as fishing and first aid, to mention a few. However, like every adventure, camping can easily go south if campers are not adequately prepared for the uncertainties of nature. Caleche Customs is committed to securing the lives and memories of campers through their premium roof tent options.

Caleche Customs is proud to announce the launch of the Unicamp Kia Carnival electric/manual rooftop tent in the United States, which is the first in the world. Campers can now experience a safe camping experience as the Unicamp Pop Top roof tent offers a secure sleeping environment, keeping them dry and warm in any weather and protecting them from wild animals, mud, and sand. Furthermore, with a capacity of over 500 lbs that can carry two adults, an integrated mosquito net, a large window for ventilation, and ample room for extra storage, the Kia Carnival rooftop tent guarantees a comfortable night’s rest.

The Unicamp roof tent is made with reinforced thermosetting plastic that is both durable and weather-resistant, which makes it ideal for long-term camping trips. Caleche Customs assures campers of ease of operation as the Pop Top roof tent can be set up within 15 seconds and can be opened with the user-friendly Carnival Genuine Car Smart Key and the plush interior buttons.

In addition, the Unicamp Conversion team offers owners of Kia Carnival vehicles a chance for their vehicles to be more than just their daily drivers but also their weekend campers, as car owners can be assured of professional conversion by the dedicated team of Caleche Customs in Henderson NV. The conversion costs begin at $16,000.00 and include the electric pop top with mattress and interior trim.

An optional Portable Kitchen and bed is also now available enabling for the sleeping of up to 4 people in total.

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UNICAMP USA is a subsidiary of Caleche Customs and was established in South Korea in 2011. The company was founded to meet the camping needs of Kia and Hyundai-driving campers. UNICAMP recently partnered with USA-based Caleche Inc. to expand its market in North America, with the launch of the UNIVAN RT CL. UNICAMP prides itself on undergoing an extensive testing programme with its revolutionary products to ensure durability and quality are maintained in both cold and warm climates.

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