The Virus of Beauty is recognized for its outstanding writing, design and overall market appeal out of thousands of books submitted into the Book Excellence Awards.

The first book in C.B. Lyall’s enthralling YA fantasy series, The Virus of Beauty, is a riveting tale that captivates readers with its intricate plot and well-developed characters. The story follows a young wizard named Wilf who must learn to embrace his magical heritage to stop the Pulch Virus from draining witches of their magic. The action never stops in this debut fantasy novel that explores societal issues surrounding the gender gap in an enchanting new world of magic and mystery. The Virus of Beauty was named a Finalist in the Young Adult Fiction category of the Book Excellence Awards. The awards competition is dedicated to recognizing both independent and traditionally published authors and publishers for excellence in writing, design and overall market appeal in over 100 countries around the world.

To receive this prestigious award is wonderful. I am deeply honored,” says C. B. Lyall. A highly acclaimed author, Lyall bridges the gap between real-world problems and gripping, visionary fiction to innovate and approach her work from a fresh perspective. The results are thought-provoking works that push the boundaries of creativity, fantasy, and reality. “External beauty surrounds us, but in the Virus of Beauty I turn this upside down…the series deals with the importance of maintaining the balance of power and how destructive one-sided power can be.”

In The Virus of Beauty, Wilf wants to be a normal teenager, but is forced to embrace his lineage of wizardry when his father dies mysteriously, trapping Wilf in a power struggle between witches and wizards. Whisked away from his home in Hong Kong, he travels by broom to the Magical Realm, where he must master his fear of magic and save his friend, as well as the realm’s witches, from a virus that turns them beautiful, but strips them of power in the process. Lyall’s unique and imaginative storyline seamlessly blends elements of adventure, magic, romance, and politics, providing an immersive experience that is sure to delight readers of all ages.

The Virus of Beauty has received positive reviews from some of the most well-renowned literary organizations, authors, and reviewers around the world. Kirkus Reviews writes, “This is a fast- moving and engaging fantasy with creative world-building and authentically conflicted teen characters caught in a magical power struggle.” In addition, book blogger Aimee Ann writes, “The Virus of Beauty is a thrilling novel that will excite readers from start to finish thanks to the captivating story that takes the reader on a breathtaking journey…C.B. Lyall is a talented and well-accomplished author, and her work is gripping as well as riveting and holds a host of fantastic characters!

Discover an imaginative world of witchcraft and wizardry in The Virus of Beauty, where the ugly possess powers the beautiful can only covet. Available for sale on Amazon, fans of YA fiction with real-world relevance are encouraged to purchase their copy today: ebook/dp/B08NF1L94T/

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About the Author

CB Lyall is in full possession of her English accent, even after spending half her life living in exotic locations like New York, India, Belgium and Hong Kong. Her dream of traveling has led her to a lifetime of adventure with her husband and three children. In between moving and playing golf, she has published three novels in The Virus of Beauty Series and numerous short stories.

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