BUYOBDII Introducing XTOOL Pad2 for Vehicle Coverage With Special Functions

BUYOBDII feels great to introduce XTOOL Pad2 to users with many unique, special functions for vehicle diagnostics. It comes with several improvements and greater efficiency for professional auto programming.

We are living in an era where so many car models hit the market every year. Therefore, technicians keep searching for the latest and updated key programmers to perform their jobs efficiently.

BUYOBDII is the go-to place for technicians who want to buy original XTOOLS, key programmers, ECU programmers, and OBD2 diagnostic tools.

XTOOL Pad2 pro is one of the latest XTOOL pads with UDS protocol and CAN BUS, supporting an assortment of makes and models. This tablet comes with the most advanced technology for key programming. Users can also use this pad to reset the oil light, timing belt light, throttle body, tire pressure light, and engine diagnostics.

β€œThe new xtool ad10 obd2 is currently the most reliable tool for EPB reset, DPF reset, calibration of steering angle, and battery reset”, says the BUYOBDII representative. Further, this tool has many unique features, making it an ideal choice for many auto models, he added.

The XTOOL Pad 2 supports Android 4.4.4 and comes with a light sensor and gravity sensor. Technicians who prefer android devices for diagnostic purposes can buy this highly reliable device. It has an 8” 5- point Multi-touch IPS screen with a resolution of 1024x600P.

β€œThe best thing about the XTOOL pad 2 is that users can connect it directly with the vehicle using a cable,” says the company representative. Moreover, Wi-Fi connectivity is also available for wireless connection with vehicles that support it, he added.

Users can also connect the xhorse vvdi2 using an EEPROM adapter to the vehicle. The diagnostic interface of this device is also simple and user-friendly. Before a user begins, he can select the area to see if there are new device updates. Users don’t have to pay any additional costs for updates.

The xtool ad10 obd2 offer supports many immobilization models in Europe, America, China, and Asia. To see the XTOOL Pad 2 car list, you can read the product description page on the BUYOBDII website. It is a car diagnostic tool that almost every auto technician needs to have.

According to the BUYOBDII representative, the company sells original and advanced diagnostic tools for cars. There is an array of diagnostic tools and equipment that users can buy on the website. β€œWe make sure that every single user should find their tool or item on our website”, he says.

The XTOOL Pad2 package includes the Pad2, OBD II-16, Honda-3, KIA-20, Mazda-17R, and KIA/Honda-10. You will also get the main cable, 3A DC12v charger, US/EU power adapter, EEPROM, quality certificate, user manual, and the packing list. It also includes Type-C USB to USB mini cable and a Type-C cable.

BUYOBDII makes sure that buyers get the best value for their money. Therefore, you will always get the best-quality original products on the BUYOBDII website. If you have any questions or queries, you can get in touch with our support team, anytime.Β 

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