Business Consultant & Investor, Jessica Dragan, Offers to Buy Businesses Off Retirees in Milwaukee WI

The phenomenal serial entrepreneur and US Army veteran runs a consulting service that seeks out and buys businesses off the hands of founders

Jessica Dragan has announced that business owners in Milwaukee Wl who are retiring or who simply do not want to run their businesses anymore, can free themselves of the emotional and economic burden, by selling their businesses to her consulting service.

The phenomenal serial entrepreneur is a business consultant and US Army veteran with years of experience in business management and consultancy services. Through her firm CWR Ventures, Jessica partners with founders, and together with her team, implements systems to grow the companies in ways they can’t.

β€œFrom tackling personal decisions to reaching important milestones, my job is to guide you on the path of success. I’m fueled by my commitment to excellence and I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes.”

Running a business requires focus and dedication. As such, people who suddenly experience life-changing events like a divorce or the birth of a child can find it difficult to give their businesses the proper time and attention.

While many people often choose to give up and count their losses, Jessica posits a second option that won’t only leave more money in the pockets of retiring business owners, but will also ensure the continued survival of their enterprises.

Jessica Dragan is a seasoned business expert who first got into the world of business in 2004 when she was forced to become a Sole Proprietor in Los Angeles, and was responsible for every aspect of the business, from creating logos to SEO marketing, customer service, obtaining financing etc.

Five years later, Jessica moved her business to Milwaukee and continued running the entire business all by herself until 2017 when she hired her first employee. By 2019, the amazing entrepreneur had grown her staff strength to 31 and established branches in Illinois, Washington and Maryland.

From working in transportation management for the US Army for 4 years to serving as the operating manager of a mobile massage service delivery business for over 15 years, Jessica Dragan assures all prospective clients that she is fully adept at providing competent solutions to greatly advance the progress of all types of organisations.

And has reiterated her commitment to creating employment and building communities by saving as many job offering businesses as she can handle.

Businesses owners in Milwaukee who will love to get a little help in scaling their businesses, as well as retirees who would prefer relinquishing control together can reach out to Jessica Dragan via the contact info below.

For more information, please contact below.

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