Business App a Potential Unicorn for the Latin America Region

This startup powered by Nelo Group is developing the financial algorithm and the neural network SAM (System Algorithmic Monitored) the first digital human, and was selected in the Top 3 entrepreneurship of the year in the Business Digital Transformation Awards 2021.

In a recent article published by the audiovisual medium Teleantioquia Notices, Business App has been included as part of the 34 companies of the fourth industrial revolution that generate more than 3,500 jobs in Colombia.

Business App is an IA Stock Broker Advisor that digitizes the Financial Advisor and Stock Broker service providing investment and trading opportunities in real time, increasing the effectiveness of the investor and trader up to a 80% (8/10 operations and investments that make can be profitable).

In 2021 attracted the attention of angel investors and investment funds at the Andicom 21 event, the largest technology event in Latin America held by CINTEL and PwC. Where it was chosen top 3 in the Business Digital Transformation Awards 2021. Since being a company with less than a year of operations that generated $142 thousand USD in gross profits organically and being such an innovative business model. This boosted their current seed round raising approximately $500 thousand USD so far, and where they hope to raise $1.5 million USD.


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Business App is developing the financial algorithm and neural network SAM (System Algorithmic Monitored) the first digital human. It is expected to have a 100% functional prototype in the middle of 2022. This highly scalable business model, according to economic projections will generate revenues of $2 billion USD per year in an average of 2 to 4 years, declared Nelo your CEO & Founder. This type of entrepreneurship in the Latin American region is unusual and avant-garde, which is why they are considered potential unicorns.

About Nelo | CEO & Founder

Nelo is a Colombian empirical financial investment analyst, specialized in equations, financial algorithms and Creator of SAM (System Algorithm Monitored). Due to his success as an independent investor and the achievements made since the launch of Nelo Group holding company and the began Nelo Space project, the first private aerospace company in Latin America with the prototype of the aerospace ship powered by magnetic levitation. Was recently included in the list of the Top 25% Economists Worldwide according to IDEAS by RePEc.

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