In a city that never sleeps, the bright lights of advertising have always played a major role in Las Vegas. In the heart of the desert, competition is fierce, but one company is changing the game, turning heads, and outshining competitors—Bumpr.

The New Kid on the Block

Bumpr is not just another outdoor advertising company. We are pioneers, innovators, and disruptors. Traditional billboards, bus stop ads, and mobile billboards are now things of the past. With Bumpr, advertising is agile, targeted, and incredibly effective.

Kaleb Janzen and Campbell Dyck are the founders of this amazing company. When asked “Why did they choose Las Vegas? They both echoed “Vegas is the city that never sleeps and is always entertaining! We wanted BUMPR to be apart of this dynamic space offering advertisers a fresh and compelling way to connect with diverse and engaging audiences”

The Dwell Time Difference

One key metric for outdoor advertising is dwell time—the length of time an ad is viewed by potential customers. With Bumpr’s unique approach, the dwell times are significantly longer, leading to higher conversion rates. While traditional billboards are passed in a matter of seconds, Bumpr’s displays are consistently in sight. Our data indicates that our dwell times are longer by %, leading to a % increase in conversion rates compared to traditional outdoor advertising.

Seeing Further and Clearer

What’s the point of an advertisement if it can’t be seen? With Bumpr, the distance from which you can see our screens is further away than traditional billboards feet, to be exact. That means our ads can catch the eye of potential customers well before they approach, ensuring they have ample time to absorb and respond to the message.

Our Drivers, Our Pride

We vet our drivers carefully. They aren’t just drivers; they’re part of the Bumpr family. Every one of our drivers is a full-time rideshare professional, averaging over 40 hours per week on the road. They’re not just driving; they’re strategically cruising through key locations at peak times.

But we go further than that. To ensure the quality of our service, all our drivers go through a rigorous selection process. Background checks, driving records, and a thorough training program are just the baseline. We only choose the best because our clients deserve nothing less.

Riding with the Pros

Our drivers are the backbone of our operation. They are on the road, on average, over 40 hours per week. But not just any road—the key locations that matter for your business. From the bustling Las Vegas Strip to the packed venues of concerts and events, our drivers are where the action is.

The Bumpr Advantage

So, why is Bumpr outshining its competitors? It boils down to our unique combination of visibility, dwell time, and our carefully vetted team of professional drivers. In a saturated market, we offer businesses the chance to stand out and make a real impact.

The Future is Bright with Bumpr

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Las Vegas, Bumpr is leading the charge into a new era of outdoor advertising. As the saying goes, ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.’ But with Bumpr’s innovative approach, your brand’s message will leave a lasting impression that goes far beyond the city limits.

So, when you’re considering your next outdoor advertising campaign in Las Vegas, ask yourself one question: Why blend in when you can stand out with Bumpr. To start your advertising campaign today call 702-789-0749

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