Buillai NFT: First Black Hole in the Known Universe Gets Converted Into a Digital Non-Fungible Token

The Buillai Blackhole NFT is a digital representation of an ancient portal formerly used by aliens to cross over from their galaxy into planet earth

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and blockchain investors will be delighted to learn that the first black hole in the known universe has been converted into a digital non-fungible token. 

The Buillai Blackhole NFT, which is currently on auction – starting at 35,000 Ethererum ($109,505,900) on the OpenSea marketplace, is a digital representation of an ancient portal formerly used by aliens to navigate across galaxies.

According to ancient legend, intelligent extraterrestrial life forms journeyed through Buillai into the milky way galaxy and landed on planet earth to interact/share their knowledge and technology with the early humans.

Unfortunately, Buillai experienced a cataclysmic event that upset the delicate balance of the milky way, wrecking many of the alien spaceships which fell into the earth as meteorites, completely exterminating the dinosaurs.

The Buillai Blackhole NFT was created to tell the story of the first broken rule of physics through art. The digital art piece is a colorful image of the space crafts crashing around an energy sphere in outer space.

As blockchain technology continues to thrive, more investors are becoming increasingly confident in relying on NFTs as viable investment instruments. Chainalysis Inc reports that the NFT marketplace grew to almost $41 billion in 2021, while it is currently estimated that 250,000 people trade NFTs each month on OpenSea.

One factor, however, that determines an NFTs value is its rarity. And in a market where NFT projects usually come in thousands per collection, the Buillai Blackhole NFT has shattered the glass ceiling of rarity by being a true one-of-a-kind, with just a single token existing in the collection.

“Owning this NFT is the same as owning a piece of ancient history that is older than man-made art. This one-off digital NFT artistically captures a pivotal moment in the history of the milky way.”

Anyone interested in learning more about this amazingly unique NFT can click on the following link to view its listing on the OpenSea marketplace: https://opensea.io/assets/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/56992382807595294838450568731460286055092828802792540230703598245098968580097/

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