Building Performance Solutions Helps Enhance Indoor Environment Through VOC Testing in Fort Myers and Longboat Key, Florida

Building Performance Solutions is the right choice for those looking for VOC testing in Fort Myers and Longboat Key, Florida.

Sarasota, FL — (ReleaseWire) — 07/05/2022 — VOC testing refers to the testing of indoor air for the presence of volatile organic compounds, harmful chemicals such as VOCs, odors, and other compounds. VOC testing identifies the sources of unwanted odors and fumes in buildings, apartments, and other indoor spaces. It is a valuable tool for identifying building ventilation system problems and making corrections. Building Performance Solutions uses Sample Analysis and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer testing to determine the presence of harmful toxins in commercial or residential places.

The primary goal of VOC testing in Fort Myers and Longboat Key, Florida is to determine if a product contains a high amount of VOCs without causing any harm to the product or the people who will be using the product. VOC testing is often used in conjunction with other environmental testing methods such as microbial testing and indoor air quality testing to provide a holistic view of the indoor environment.

The expert assessors and professional testing specialists at Building Performance Solutions serve residential and commercial property owners with precise and efficient VOC vapor testing that analyzes and detects contaminants within their indoor air environment across Florida. Their staff adheres to the most stringent testing accuracy requirements. VOC exposure is a severe issue that needs a serious response.

VOCs are found in many construction materials and furniture, including office equipment such as copiers and printers, correction fluids and carbonless copy paper, and graphics and craft supplies such as glues, adhesives, and permanent markers. While certain levels are low enough to pose significant health hazards, long-term exposure can cause problems.

In addition to VOC testing, Building Performance Solutions specializes in house mold inspection in Fort Myers and Longboat Key, Florida, among other services.

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About Building Performance Solutions LLC
Building Performance Solutions LLC specializes in indoor air quality and building science and offers environmental testing and consulting services. For a wide range of clients in Real Estate, Insurance, Health Care Facilities, Commercial, Construction, Mold Remediation Companies, and the private sector, the company provides inspections, IAQ project management, IAQ consultancy, testing, and remedial procedures.

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