Bubble Wall Art Transforming the Corporate World

The set environment in workspaces can either prove to be invaluable or depreciating if what people stand for is not reflected in how well office is maintained. The outlook of their offices must represent the quality and standardย  promise. It has to be an extension of your company culture and core values. Midwest Tropical has an incredible collection of water features that are central to fulfilling the promise you make to your customers, clients, and employees.

The Dazzling Appeal Of A Bubble Wall Art

Water has a calming effect on people in its surroundings, making it all the more vital in the corporate world, where the fast-changing digits governing the revenues always have people on their heels. Usually, it is a water fountain that strikes the mind when we think of a water feature to incorporate into our indoor surroundings.

However, there are so many other water structures that Midwest Tropical can offer you that can be further customized to become a perfect fit for your office. Bubble walls are one such option that is easier to maintain and has a calming and entertaining ambiance that notches up the appeal of your surroundings.

You have the liberty to make changes according to your preference and placement area so you can proudly claim it to be your DIY bubble wall! It will become an eye-catching focal point for your offices, hotels, retail stores, malls, etc.

Valuing Versatility

The customization option offered by Midwest Tropical makes bubble walls a great choice for the corporate world. They can be used anywhere and come without the hassle of cleaning the spilled water usually surrounding a water structure. From the boring and enervating walls of a hospital to the hip bar dรฉcor, bubble walls make a great addition to your indoors, mesmerizing people without fail. You can trim and spruce them with the help of Midwest Tropical to reflect the companyโ€™s style or logo and treat your guests to a cool visual display.

Easy On Pockets And Pleasing To The Eyes

There are many reasons that make bubble wall art a more appealing alternative to other water features. These include:


The heavy acrylic panels with a solid base stand solidly without giving in to bumps. They are safe and, if maintained, can last for years

LED Lighting

The unique ball action and the LED lighting enhances the desired effect of the bubble wall. The unique bubble action and convenience of operation makes bubble walls more desirable

Little To No Maintenance

Compared to other water features, the bubble walls need a little cleaning. There is no dripping of water, formation of algae, or accumulation of dust with the routine cleaning involving wiping the bubble wall panels

Bubble wall art has transformed how water features can be incorporated in a business setting. Midwest Tropical owns incredible water wall features that have been in use and demand, revolutionizing the work culture and making it possible for you to translate your values and commitment through the dรฉcor of your office buildings.ย 

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