BTCASH Token comes out as a Unique Crypto Currency with a Real World and Virtual World Use Case. BTCASH is quickly becoming a proven and trusted name in the virtual currency space. Just like other evolving cryptocurrencies, the BTCASH Coin offers access to financial services for users around the world. Cryptocurrency holders come to BTCASH to store their assets while making industry leading returns on their holdings. BTCASH is quickly becoming a proven and trusted name in the virtual currency space. Just like other evolving cryptocurrencies, the BTCASH coin offers access to financial services for users around the world. BTCash Community also Plans to NFTs in Cryptocurrency and BTCASH Tokens as its Use Cases in to the Metaverse and Virtual Reality.



Token now listed for trading on (CEX) and pancake swap (DEX).

BTCASH Token is now listed on Neonex and Pancakeswap with full support of their tokenonics. Neonex is one of the digital asset management platforms for many tokens including Bitcoin(Btc) Ethereum(ETH) Ripple (XRP) and many more. Pancake swap the leading decentralized exchange on Binance smart chain with the highest trading volumes in the market.

BTSmart – Don’t Just Trade Crypto, Multiply It.

BTSmart is a decentralized staking platform. People can raise the value of their cash and cryptocurrency assets through staking. It only takes a few clicks to start staking, and one will automatically earn rewards. 

“You can unstake your holdings instantly at any moment with no further costs or fees. Suppose you want to generate profits on your investment. In that case, a more practical strategy is to entrust your assets to a company that will expertly use those assets to trade in decentralized financial markets. This means you can earn stake rewards on coins such as Bitcoin, even if these coins do not inherently enable staking!”

Earn with BTCash Tokens

Users can increase their earnings by storing their BTCash tokens in a trusted wallet. The staking platform is compatible with every investor’s trusted wallets. They can keep their cryptocurrency in a personal trust wallet of their own choice. Simply linking a trusted wallet to BTSmart is all that is required. Hardware wallets like Ledger, Nano S, and Trezor can be used to hold BSC and BTCash tokens, respectively. Users can store their tokens on the BTCash platform’s integrated third-party wallets like MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, and Trust Wallet. Users also have the option of storing tokens locally on their devices. These integrated wallets will improve the system’s stability and come with an updated and refined user interface to make its operation more effective.

When transferring cryptocurrency holdings onto the BTSmart platform, one may quickly and easily link a cryptocurrency wallet that is compatible with the BSC in a matter of minutes. Both MetaMask and WalletConnect, two of the most widely used wallet providers, are currently supported in their entirety by BTSmart. 

“You can earn more with your crypto. Your crypto can earn up to 100% APY. There are no hidden fees, no minimum balances, and no reasons to wait.”

Introducing Decentralized BTGame

People are spending an increasing amount of time, both for pleasure and for earning, in virtual worlds. This is most common in two-dimensional user interfaces, such as those on the web and mobile phones. However, a traversable 3D world provides an immersive component and adjacency to other content, making it possible for communities to gather around physically. The blockchain is the driving force behind BTGames, a decentralized gaming platform at virtual reality Games. Users can play, enjoy, and monetize their content and applications while utilizing the BTGames platform.

The BT is the name of the definite, 3D virtual world in BTGames. All of the games take place in this location. There will be many games available for gamers to pick from. The fact that each game runs flawlessly on any device is a bonus. This enables players to enjoy their favorite BT games when using a personal computer (PC) or a Mac computer (Mac), as well as when using a mobile device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.). Players won’t just value the large selection of games offered here; they’ll also adore the distinct visual aesthetics and gaming mechanics at their fingertips. BTGames is not managed by a centralized entity like many other virtual worlds, and social networks are. Everything is decentralized.

NFT Marketplace

The quality of the NFT marketplaces one uses can make all the difference in whether or not one is successful in selling a new piece of art or discovering a new project to collect. NFT markets are not merely places to purchase and sell digital art; they provide access to a community of enthusiastic artists and collectors who share a passion for the art. Consider not just the costs expected to pay but also the type of artwork being sold and whether or not it is in line with any aesthetic preferences, as well as the blockchain and cryptocurrency that will be utilized in the transaction processing.

So, bearing all these problems in mind, the company introduces to their users their very own NFT marketplace. 

“We believe everyone deserves a chance to show their creativity and get a chance to make a living out of it. That’s why we have introduced our marketplace. Here users can tokenize an artwork and list it.”

The BT NFT Marketplace is a community-driven, decentralized network for selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that was developed with the future of obtaining, developing, and owning NFTs. As an alternative to OpenSea, it seeks to represent better and accommodate the requirements. It wants the NFT community will develop through direct user governance in cooperation with Common Protocol. Additionally, it strives to do so in a way that is compatible with OpenSea.

Explore the BT-Metaverse

BTMetaverse is a user-only platform that allows users to create, trade, and make money off their non-fungible tokens and digital content. On BTMetaverse, one can own anything and everything, from an art gallery to hangout spots, from horses to luxurious cars. Using the BTCash token, it is possible to acquire these virtual properties in the form of non-fungible tokens. BTCash is the primary token that can be used within the BTMetaverse. Within the context of the BTMetaverse ecosystem, the BTCash token serves a unique purpose.

The BTMetaverse Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) owns and manages a significant portion of the BTMetaverse cluster. The DAO, which stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Organization,” employs a voting system that is off-chain for the community. This gives the token holders a reasonable opportunity to exercise their vote and participate in the governance decisions and proposals. The DAO is the owner of the smart contracts that are the most fundamental to the BTMetaverse.

The decentralized BTGame is the name given to the virtual area in the BTMetaverse where a user can interact and play games. Exclusive scenes, apps, and games can be played in the virtual space owned by the account holder. Built on Binance smart chain, BTCash is the platform’s official in-game cryptocurrency. It is used to buy NFTs and make in-built payments.

The platform is entirely decentralized, making it an excellent choice for anybody with a solid understanding of augmented reality and crypto who is interested in exploring the digital realm of Metaverse.

BTCASH Real Money

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis defines money as having the following 6 traits, that can all be applied to BTCASH: 

1. Durability – BTCASH is concretely durable and cannot be physically destroyed. 

2. Portability – BTCASH can be accessed and transferred from anywhere with an internet connection 

3. Divisibility – BTCASH is divisible to the 8th digit, or by one billion! 

4. Uniformity – BTCASH tokens are uniformly distributed and all equal in value. 

5. Limited Supply – BTCASH has an immutably limited and decreasing supply. 

6. Acceptability – this is the crux of the matter at hand: if BTCASH becomes pervasive in financial instruments, acceptability can naturally follow.

BTCASH Legalities

BTCASH maintains all the requirements for Australian securities regulator issues guidelines for crypto ETPs. The Australia Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has issued its response to public consultation on cryptocurrency exchange-traded products (ETPs) alongside fresh industry guidance. According to the official guidance, ASIC has so far greenlighted ETPs based on major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) and expects more crypto assets to become a foundation for ETPs in the future.


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