Scottsdale, Arizona – Brio-Medical, a cancer treatment center with a synergy between conventional and alternative medicine is offering insulin potentiation therapy (ITP), which aims to increase the effectiveness of low-dose metronomic chemotherapy through insulin potentiation. Commonly referred to as low-dose chemotherapy treatment, the intention of IPT treatment is to be used as an adjunct therapy with other treatments for managing chronic diseases. Before beginning any treatment, patients areperform  precision diagnostic testing under the supervision of Brio-Medical’s Medical Director, Dr. Nathan Goodyear, to decide the appropriate chemo agents, dosages, and frequency of treatment to optimize the accuracy and targeting of cancer. The goal is to heal, not destroy. IPT is administered on a per case basis, with patients receiving personalized treatment plans based on their specific diagnosis and health history.

“Insulin-potentiated low-dose therapy follows a more holistic, integrative approach to cancer treatment. The word holistic points to a different way of thinking—a different paradigm. A holistic treatment perspective can apply a more conventional medical treatment in a safer, more thoughtful, and integrative approach. The goal here is to work with, preserve, and heal the whole rather than work against, damage, and destroy the whole or part. The last one hundred years of cancer treatment have followed the paradigm that the pathway to healing is through destruction. The previous hundred years of maximum-to-tolerated dose chemotherapy has been one of war. The body has served as the battlefield long enough. It is time for a different approach—one that promotes healing.” said Dr. Goodyear. The metastatic spread of cancer is responsible for over 90% of morbidity and mortality associated with cancer. Beyond the metastatic spread, the body’s immune system is the apparent target of collateral damage resulting from the maximum-tolerated chemotherapy approach that has dominated conventional medicine for seventy years.

By taking a significantly lower dose and directing it with insulin, it still targets cancer, yet preserves and boosts the immune system. Moreover, the lower dose approach broadens the anti-cancer effects through angiogenesis targeting.

As a result, utilizing a holistic approach versus a more conventional medical therapy, IPT works more with the body to preserve and heal the whole body, not just target the tumor while destroying the body in the process. That is the benefit of a holistic, integrative approach to cancer treatment at Brio-Medical.

About Brio-Medical:

The philosophy behind the Brio-Care System, under Dr. Nathan Goodyear’s leadership is the synergistic intersection of alternative and conventional medicine based on the principle that a healthy body does not develop disease with an intact immune defense system. Moreover, the best answer to a disease like cancer, beyond never getting it, is the immune system. The Brio-Care System believes each person is unique, and the approach to maintaining and improving health and healing should be holistic, treating the mind, body, and spirit. Our approach seeks to restore and strengthen the biological capacities of the body to renew, repair, and heal, with specific emphasis on the immune system.  Our treatments are designed to “kick start” self-renewal and healing.

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