Providers of tech-driven health products, BreaThru, announces the launch of their innovative, compact spirometer on Kickstarter to enable users get real-time about their lung function

The team at BreaThru has recorded another remarkable feat with the development of their all-inclusive, portable spirometer designed to give on-the-spot feedback to users regarding the health of their lung, making it easy to monitor and record breathing and ultimately improve fitness and overall well-being. The crowdfunding campaign will officially launch on 27th December to support the production and distribution of the product.

The lung remains one of the most important organs of the body. Consequently, people pay a lot of attention to ensure the organ is functioning optimally, including exercising and routine checks. In a related development, a plethora of brands have created spirometers to help people monitor their lung function. However, many of such solutions fail to address the concerns of users in terms of easy accessibility and prompt results, which is where BreaThru seeks to make a difference with their portable spirometer.

The launch of BreaThru is particularly timely, as the world battles increasing cases of pollution and the ravaging pandemic, amidst unhealthy habits that have made breathing seemingly difficult. The user-friendly tool measures the amount of air that can be forcibly exhaled from the lungs after taking the deepest breath possible. The device is versatile and can be used after a gym session, breathing or inspiratory muscle training, or pulmonary rehabilitation, to identify areas of improvement.

The compact spirometer can be carried anywhere, allowing users to test their lung function and get results in real-time. The device comes with a screen that displays a dynamic color scale and highly accurate data, giving users a better understanding of their health as analyzed from their breathing. The spirometer provides stats on lung capacity, possible diagnosis of chronic disease, heart diseases, and monitoring the recovery from pulmonary.

Other features of BreaThru include a mobile app for Android and iOS users to store data for long-term monitoring. Described as a “handheld assistant for overall well-being,” BreaThru is all-inclusive, covering everything from the basics, such as monitoring asthma triggers to the relatively complex issues like incorporating mindful breathing.

The BreaThru Pro is a higher version of BreaThru with additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity, daily training totals, past history, and the highest lung capacity to date.

For more information about BreaThru and to be one of the first to receive the revolutionary spirometer once delivery commences in March 2022, visit Kictstarter.

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