Brandon Green Launches the Lets Go Brandon Green Podcast Show

Australian businessman and children’s book author, Brandon Green, announces the launch of “Lets Go Brandon Green,” a new general podcast to offer diverse views on different topical issues

Brandon Green might just be charting a new course in the world of podcasting as he launches a new show where he discusses everything and anything ranging from sports to entertainment and current events. Lets Go Brandon Green will bring a new feel into podcasting, creating a platform for people from all walks of life to say it as it is without fear or favour. In a related development, the digital nomad has launched Lets Go Brandon Meme in line with the goal of promoting light-hearted and casual conversations on seemingly serious issues.

The global podcasting industry has evolved to become a multi-billion-dollar market featuring different categories of content creators. However, a good number of the content are often overly-structured and still have a feel of seriousness, which is where Brandon Green aims to make a difference with the Lets Go Brandon Green show.

Lets Go Brandon Green adopts a no-holds-barred approach to interviewing guests and discussing all kinds of issues in a relaxed environment, with Brandon Green looking to create an experience similar to the Joe Rogans podcast, with more fun and openness. The show features guests from all walks of life, each telling their unique stories with the goal of helping listeners learn real-life lessons.

Names that have already featured on the podcast include Chris Templeton, founder of Oh The Stories We Tell, Carla Crivaro, a sex, love, and relationship coach, and Mellissa Tong, a business solutions expert.

For further information about Lets Go Brandon Green and the several topics discussed on the podcast, visit – and YouTube.

About Brandon Green

Brandon Green is an avid entrepreneur from Australia and the author of a children’s book based on solar power. He has worked in the solar power industry and lived in Phuket, Thailand. The digital nomad and lover of adventure has travelled extensively, visiting several countries of the world, including the USA, the UK, Asia, and Colombia.

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