Brand feedback

Measure brand awareness

Find out what ratio of your target customers know about your brand in any region, any segment, and any market. Market Sampler lets you collect large volumes of feedback cost-effectively, scanning multiple markets at once.

Learn what people think about your company

Measure brand perceptions to find out what your target customers think about your company. They might have an entirely different idea compared to what the management assumes.

Discover what customers like or dislike

Go deeper in the brand and product perceptions analysis, and discover what your target customers like or dislike about your business. Such insights are required for effective product, marketing, and business model optimization.

Benchmark against competitors

Find out which competitors customers compare you with, and learn what they see as strengths or weaknesses in your business. Market Sampler enables you to collect feedback in its purest form – raw data.

Common use cases

Market Sampler is used by companies, political groups, associations, and individuals from all walks of life. Discover how other people use our system to collect information from people who matter to them.

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Find out what people like and dislike about your competitors, and compare it with your brand performance.

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