We are excited to announce that Brand Auditor, the popular brand feedback measurement solution we started in late 2020, has become part of Market Sampler. Why was this important, and what changes?

How did Brand Auditor start?

To understand why the merger was a good move, we need to go back in time. Back in 2020, Brand Auditor was built on a simple idea. 

We built a system to crowd-source consumer opinion related to brand awareness and brand perceptions. Shortly after launching the company, we learned that people wanted to use it differently compared to how we imagined it.

One year in business taught us that people want more flexibility in survey configuration and more control over their market research budget. The initial data models and survey distribution capabilities turned out to be extremely limited so we needed to rebuild the back-end entirely to enable additional flexibility, a better survey distribution system, and most importantly, improved data quality.

System improvements eventually got us to Market Sampler

Our programmatic survey delivery system got hooked up to new audience networks, including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and more. Entering these networks enabled plenty of new targeting options, increased our target audience by over 2,000 times, and enabled us to deploy survey campaigns to over 4 million websites and apps.

We have taken a step back to look at our new system. We immediately saw that this is far more capable than the initial one, and it can do a lot more than brand auditing. We called it Market Sampler. This was in Q3 2020. 

Our system got tested by various NGOs, political parties, for-profit businesses and it turned out to be amazingly useful. Following the successful introduction, we decided to make it available for end customers so, by late 2021, Market Sampler was released for the public.

Merging Brand Auditor with Market Sampler

The new system that eventually became Market Sampler was meant to be an improved version of Brand Auditor. We got what we wanted, but it no longer made sense to operate multiple versions of the same system. To streamline our operations, we decided to run Brand Auditor on the new Market Sampler platform – as part of the new research service.

That’s it. Brand Auditor customers now can benefit from additional targeting options, lower cost per response, and significantly better data quality. 

We are always looking for opportunities to reduce our operational overheads as it helps us to keep our service prices and cost per response low. Merging the two services save us resources, which we use for further developments to improve our market research capabilities while keeping the cost per response costs at a reasonable minimum.

Brand Auditor is available on the Market Sampler website here:

Brand Auditor

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