Brand Auditor for investors

Brand audit and business concept validation tool

Brand Auditor is a trusted solution for investors to validate business concepts, check brand awareness and understand brand perceptions of companies they consider investing in.

As part of the the due diligence process, you can require an audit from funding applicants.

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Organic market research based insights

Brand Auditor uses the Market Sampler system to deploy micro-surveys on over 4 million websites and mobile apps. Respondents are not incentivized to give feedback.

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Precisely targeted respondents

Respondents can be targeted by location, age, occupation, income level, education and industry. The system allows precise audience definitions for a brand audits or business idea validation.

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Unique audit verification numbers

To prevent fake reports, each audit comes with a unique verification number and the timestamp according to the completion date. One can use the audit number to verify authenticity.

Low-cost and startup budget friendly

Starting from $50, the free-form configuration tool lets users set their research budget and targeting options. Response count and report delivery time are calculated in real-time.

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