If you plan to do a hotel and resort brand audit, then you are reading the right article. Brand Auditor is an industry-standard solution to measure what people think about various aspects of your company, including your hotel and resort brand. This article is about how to configure an insightful audit with Brand Auditor.

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Hotel & Resort Brand Audit

This brand audit was designed to provide hotel industry-specific insights, as well as to measure and understand how your hotel brand comes across to your potential guests. The audit is based on thousands of survey feedback from your specified in-market potential guests. Below the short description, you will find the audit configuration options that will enable you to customize your audit.

Configure your hotel and resort brand audit

Before we start customizing your audit, let’s talk about where your data and insights are coming from. Our reports consist of diverse market research insights from the audience you tell us to survey. The basis of Brand Auditor reports is the fresh and raw data we collect through market research, based on your requirements and configuration. Your insights will be as precise as your configuration, so getting familiar with the basics is recommended.

Select what aspects would you like to include in your hotel brand audit

Each selected scope of your analysis will add a separate page to your report with the following information:

  • Score ratings of multiple micro-aspects (1 to 10) by your respondents
  • Respondent opinion about various aspects of your hotel or resort
  • Score ratings of similar hotels benchmarked with your scores

Comments and feedback received from your respondents. First, you will need to choose what aspects you would like to get feedback about. In the case of the hotel and resort brand audit, you have the following options:

First impression experience

  • Experience
  • Privacy
  • Theme
  • Rooms
  • Wow factor
  • Class

Product value

  • Location
  • Rooms / villas
  • Service quality
  • Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Unique features

Brand website experience

  • Product presentation
  • Photos & videos
  • Factual information
  • Design and content
  • Booking experience

Social media experience

  • Photos and videos
  • Captions
  • Inspirational value
  • Authenticity

Pricing transparency

  • Direct booking benefits
  • Rate parity
  • Booking policies
  • Offers & discounts
  • Fees, taxes and charges

Would people book your hotel?

This section shows how many of your targeted respondents would consider booking your hotel – why and why not? Yes, no and unsure answers are separated to three columns, with frequent comments and feedbacks linked to each answer.

This section gives clear qualitative and quantitative indications regarding why, or why not your potential guests would book your hotel.

Choose your property type

To make your hotel or resort brand audit more relevant, you need to specify your property type.Use the drop-down list to select one that describes your business the best. If the available options do not include choices that fit your hotel, then we suggest contacting us to check the viability of auditing your hotel business. We are continuously adding new options as our customers are requesting new categories.

Depending on your choice, the audit price might change slightly. More competitive or higher-end property types require more efforts to audit, as market research and survey distribution costs can be higher. Choosing a less competitive option will reduce market research costs, so your audit price will decrease. The system calculates audit prices in real-time, based on your configuration and signals from our market research partners.

Add your hotel brand website URL

Share the web address of the brand website of your hotel. As Brand Auditor is a tool to measure customer perceptions, people will give feedback on what is publicly available to see.

Please make sure that your URL is correct, and your content is easily accessible. Websites with password protection, or under development will return mostly negative results. We will manually test your links before launching the surveys, and if changes are required, we will get in touch.

Survey respondents will access your website or social media pages as your customers would do. They will leave score ratings and feedback regarding what they experience on the URL you share. If your hotel and resort brand is attractive and easy to interpret, then they will likely leave good scores. In case your hotel and resort brand is unclear, or unattractive then it will receive negative feedback.

Describe your target audience details

The next step in your hotel and resort brand audit configuration is to describe your target audience. Considering the endless variations of demographics, age groups, and interests that define your target customers, the easiest way to specify their characteristics by using the provided text box.

Keep it simple, such as “affluent couples”, or “honeymooners, couples, families and groups”. Based on the information you provide, we will configure targeting for your market research manually.

Complex or very narrow audience definitions might increase your market research cost or make it impossible due to a low number of potential quality respondents. We recommend leaving your target audience settings slightly broad.

In case your audit configuration and target audience are not possible, we will get in touch with you. If an audit is not feasible, we will be happy to issue a refund. If you know that your target audience is too small, we advise getting in touch with us before placing an order.

Choose the target quantity of responses

Use the slider to define how much feedbacks you would like to collect for your hotel and resort brand audit. The minimum number of responses is 2,000. It is not possible to configure your audit for fewer responses.

Choosing more responses have two main benefits:

  • Your hotel and resort brand audit insights will be more reliable
  • Your business is going to be shown to more in-market people in your target audience during the market research procedure

The quantity of responses has a significant impact on your audit price.

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