Boujee Leopards Straight From the Jungle to Revolutionize NFT Utility on 9th March

Boujee Leopards Club is a distinct NFT project with 6,590 NFTs. Created in order to offer holders the possibility to take part withinside the subsequent frontier of the virtual world. NFT projects together with the Boujee Leopards Club provide a gateway into the Metaverse, in which contributors can explore, monetize, earn passive profits and create virtual realities on their very own. One may have the possibility to possess one in every of 6,590 Boujee Leopard NFTs. Boujee Leopards Club isn’t always pretty much real art, however additionally about unmatched real-world and Metaverse utilities.

The creation of this platform has a mysterious story of four leopards who took a leap of risk to find immense treasure. The Boujee Leopards Club desires to deliver the Snow Leopards a second home in the Metaverse by planning to donate $100,000 USD to a wildlife foundation for Snow Leopards.

Talking about the benefits of being a part of Boujee Leopards club then there is a list that goes on.

Real-world Utilities

There will be 10% of real-world utilities that some rare traits have. This consists of free ETH, an experience to Dubai, journeys to flora and fauna sanctuaries, or even scholarships.

Donation and Porsche 911

A $100,000 donation to a wildlife reserve which will be chosen by the network will be sent out. Additionally, there’s a fortune chance of raffling a Porsche 911($114,000) to one of the holders as part of celebrating the sell-out.

Taking over

The Boujee Leopards have partnered with a prime PR company in order to assist to benefit mainstream publicity via celebrity endorsements, online publications, and Billboards. Also, there might be a reserve of 25 ETH in the network vault, for longevity and future community-driven ideas.


To celebrate the milestone, there will be an of raffling 10 Custom Boujee Leopards to the lucky holders and there will be daily giveaways for 30 days.


The Boujee Leopards team explores the possibilities of expanding its presence into other Metaverses such as Decentraland and more upcoming platforms to have a strong presence all over the Metaverse space.

Passive Income NFT

The team will be forwarding the privileges to the Diamond hands holder who will receive 30% Royalties from secondary sales. These will be distributed only among the holders who refrain from listing their Boujee Leopards NFTs or will list them above SPA.

Social Networking

Being part of The Boujee Leopards Club grants access to a large number of one-of-a-kind utilities, it offers access to professional speakers in the network and allows the holders to benefit from expertise about NFTs – Trading – Real Estate investments. There will be invited speakers from all around the world for the network to benefit knowledge and advantage from as well as construct real-world connections.

The Comic.

There will be a well-developed comic series and the diamond hand holders will get a fortunate chance to have their Boujee Leopards featured.

Tangible Figurines

Long-term holders have an opportunity to claim an exclusive Boujee Leopard Collectible of their own NFT!


The crew has started operating with a team of Blockchain developers to create $Boujee token. This will create a possibility for the Boujee Leopards to get rewarded for trusting in the project. These tokens could have future potential benefits like access to Exclusive chats, Future projects, burning the tokens for Tangible goods, Merch, and more

The Boujee Leopards Club is an amazing collection of 6,590 Snow Leopards, all of which are generated using 140+ hand-drawn traits, making every Leopard different, and more β€˜Boujee’ than the rest. For one to venture into the metaverse and the world of NFTs, The Boujee Leopards is one known heaven.

The Founding team announced that the public sale will start on March 8, 2 PM EST.




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