Book, by Leo F. Armbrust, Offers Stories, Parables, and Anecdotes That Provide Insight and Inspiration Without Being Pedantic or Dry

The Charles Dickens began his classic work “A Tale of Two Cities” with this opening line, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”

Countless numbers of people seem to be expressing the same sentiments during this present age. Many feel overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, and betrayed. Self-help books, and physical and mental exercises for sound mental and emotional health, have become all too popular. The traditional sources of comfort, relief, and direction have been shown to be all too lacking. Trust has been eroded and in many cases lost completely in institutions both religious and secular.

“Only the Wounded May Serve” explores not only some of the difficult issues within us but offers a realistic guide to finding inner peace based on a Socratic methodology for life. Formulating the right questions is the beginning of knowledge, be it personal or academic. Once the essential inquiries can begin the pursuit of truth for one’s life can provide a map for the journey. 

This book, by Leo F. Armbrust, offers stories, parables, and anecdotes that provide insight and inspiration without being pedantic or dry. The reader may well find the parables both personally and professionally enriching. Those in careers as teachers, professional speakers, leaders, and counselors will discover a rich trove of stories to employ in their respective professions.  Who doesn’t like stories which engage us on different levels?

Life is rich in its diversity. Our existence encompasses both sadness and joy, emptiness and fulfillment, defeat and victory. There are numerous lessons to be learned from these extremes and this book examines various ways to interpret their meaning and purpose in one’s life. No one answer fits all. In fact, the real challenge of this work is the realization that not all of our questions will ever be sufficiently answered. This may be disappointing for some but the acceptance of mystery is in actuality the only true path to serenity. 

Leo also cites modern movies and literature for common sense explanations for the struggle each of us confronts on a daily basis. The simplicity of some citations does not compromise their value for the human soul. For instance, fear is indeed the path to a dark side, because fear leads to anger, anger leads to hatred and hatred leads to suffering. One cannot ignore the veracity of this statement, for many today feel imprisoned by fears of their own creation.

As a Catholic priest of nearly 45 years and now retired from active ministry, Leo has served as chaplain to amateur and professional sports teams, hospitals, prisons, and universities. Officiating marriages, preaching, teaching, counseling, and motivational speaking have proven to be valuable resources for his book. Photographed with four presidents, a member of both an honor society and a sports hall of fame as well as the recipient of three master’s degrees, Leo’s life has experienced a richness of variety and substance. His ministry has permitted him to meet and develop relationships that have sustained him and taught him some of the truths he discusses in this work. Now he wants to share them with you the reader.

“Only the Wounded May Serve” celebrates our ability to acknowledge, accept and embrace life with all of its twists and turns. Why not start a path of self-discovery with this book? If there is one fact of life it is this, we learn best when like children, we open ourselves to ideas that are new, without the threat of our own preconceived biases and opinions. Open the pages of this publication and you will open your heart and soul to the simplicity and purity of genuineness and authenticity of its message.

(Leo F. Armbrust 5/7/2022)

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