BodaSwap – the First DEX Without Slippage to Rival Pancakeswap

According to The Block Research, from 2020 to 2021, the decentralized exchanges’ trading volume increased by 858%. Nevertheless, the growth continued, and in January 2022, DEX trading volume increased by another 137%. According to forecasts, this tendency will gain momentum in the future, and 2023 will see even better results. 

Such rapid growth signals that DEX has a viable future, which is based on freedom from third-party control. 

Indeed, DEX is gaining popularity because it allows users to perform peer-to-peer transactions without intermediaries, thereby reducing counterparty risks. But despite having exceptional advantages, popular DEX, such as PancakeSwap, still have some problems. One of the most significant is slippage, i.e., the difference between the expected price of an order and its actual executed price. 

This phenomenon is so widespread that many crypto traders consider slippage expenses ‘unavoidable’. But what if slippage is an optional condition for trading? What if users can avoid making an unprofitable transaction due to uncontrolled circumstances? What if the user can get rid of slippage? 

Fortunately, this is indeed possible. Read on to learn about the first DEX that truly gets rid of this risk. 

How does BodaSwap work?  

BodaSwap is the first DEX aggregator on Binance Smart Chain, which allows one to exchange tokens without slippage! Unlike PancakeSwap, users can exchange various tokens of the BEP-20 protocol on BodaSwap at the initial price parameters at the time of the transaction. 

Instead of relying on the current market price, each user can sell any Binance Smart Chain token at the desired price. 

Let’s compare BodaSwap and PancakeSwap 

On PancakeSwap, the following situation is possible: the user set the slippage at 15%, but the price of the token suddenly jumped by 20% even before the sell order was executed. As a result, the investor makes a bad deal, losing 5% due to the volatility of the token. An unpleasant surprise, isn’t it? 

On BodaSwap, such a situation is impossible, because the user simply does not need to set slippage. Instead, the investor gets more value for the token swap. With BodaSwap, the user forgets about unpleasant surprises and gets the opportunity to concentrate on what’s really important!  

25.8% cheaper than other DEX

It is noteworthy that the freedom from slippage is not the only advantage of BodaSwap. Other significant advantages include the lowest service fee among all DEX and the possibility of a simple Fiat-to-Crypto exchange. 

Low service fee: on BodaSwap, the service fee is only 0.2% per transaction (0.25% on Pancakeswap). 
Fiat-to-Crypto: A BodaSwap user can buy cryptocurrency using credit or debit cards. 
Any BEP-20 tokens can be exchanged, including Safemoon, Cheems Inu, BabyDoge, Dive Wallet, Rematic, Glow Token, BUSD Buffet, Nobility, MetaBUSDCoin, and Snoop Floki Dog, DFS Mafia, French Connection Finance and DogeBonk.
BODAV2 Holding: By simply storing the native BODAV2 token, BodaSwap users will receive the highest rewards among all DEX. 

All these advantages give crypto traders a real price advantage. For example, if Pancakeswap gas fee is $ 2.28, then on BodaSwap the trader will pay only $ 1.69. The savings of 59 cents or 25.8% of the fee amount per one transaction!

BODAV2 Tokenomics

BODAV2 is a token for a crypto investor who wants to be rewarded for his or her long-term investments. BODAV2 investors no longer need to worry about doubling their investments to make a profit — instead, they can make passive income through rewards from owning the BodaSwap platform token.

Token Symbol: BODAV2

Blockchain: Blockchain Binance Smart Chain

Protocol: BEP20

Contract address:  0x3f9de0de2abc8e0460c26533e031799c6ceb141d

Explorer page: 

Participating wallets:   Binance Chain Wallet, Trust Wallet, Metamask, TokenPocket, SafePal, etc.

Issue volume: 1 000 000 000 000 000

BODAV2 is a hyperinflationary native BodaSwap token, which was created to automatically reward users for holding. For each transaction on the platform, users earn US dollars (BUSD) automatically linked to Binance only for storing BODAV2 tokens. 

Key Features of BODAV2: 

Up to 19% in BUSD Rewards is given to holders of BODAV2 tokens;
2% of each purchase and sale order is automatically burned, which allows the user to effectively resist inflation;
1.5% of each purchase and sale order is sent to the dead (burnt) wallet that allows the user to additionally resist inflation; 
The longer a user holds BODAV2, the more BUSD tokens they will receive. 

The token-burning system organically regulates sales and helps to reduce the number of tokens in circulation, which ultimately increases demand and provides a foundation for long-term growth. 

But that’s not all. In the future, Boda Token will introduce several products and services, including a Lottery similar to the PancakeSwap lottery, the Yield Farming protocol, as well as NFT Market, and NFT Gaming. All these services will increase the value of the Boda Token platform, which means that the liquidity and price of the BODAV2 token will increase. Invest in Boda Token today to become the first follower of what will be the future of cryptocurrency!

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