BNBFort is an innovative yield farming built on the Binance Smart Chain. The project adds innovation to the concept of yield farming, with aim to reward every participant on the network. BNBFort is designed for longevity and sustainability. In fact, the project is secure with no vulnerabilities found in the smart contract so far.


BNBFort is distributing massive rewards this yuletide season, including 100 BNB to be more among investors and those who contributed their quotas towards the expansion of the BNBFort community. Also, the team at BNBFort has decided to give away 6% cashback to the first 50 users who will deposit at least 1 BNB in the contract.

BNBFort has also stake bonuses to reward investors for their efforts and loyalty. The basic stake bonus is 2% every 24 hours, the personal hold bonus is 0.1% for every 24 hours. However, the latter is without withdrawal. Lastly, there’s the community bonuses. This bonus rewards 20,000 active participants 0.1% of their investment portfolio.

How To Start BNBFort

The process of getting started with BNBFort is simple and straightforward.

Create a wallet: The first step is to download and create a TrustWallet or MetaMask wallet. Once created, add the Binance Smart Chain to your network.
Get BNB: You can purchase BNB from Binance and transfer the tokens to your wallet address.
Connect your wallet: Navigate to your wallet and look for the “connect” button. Click on the button and ensure the wallet has successfully connected.
Fund your wallet: The next step is to make a deposit to your wallet. Enter the amount you wish to deposit, review the transaction, and click on the “deposit” button.
Get dividends: After depositing funds into your wallet, you will begin to receive dividends every second. You can withdraw your dividends at any time.

Referral Program and Bonus

BNBFort runs a referral program where you can also earn passive income. The referral program is about convincing your friends and family members to also register on the BNBFort network, while you earn a referral bonus for every person you successfully onboard.

Your earned bonus will appear instantly on your wallet balance and you can withdraw it any time. Below are the different levels and the corresponding bonuses you’re entitled to:

LEVEL 1: 7%
LEVEL 2: 3%
LEVEL 3: 1.5%
LEVEL 4: 1%
LEVEL 5: 0.5%
LEVEL 6: 0.5%
LEVEL 7: 0.5%
LEVEL 8: 0.5%
LEVEL 9: 0.5%
LEVEL 10: 0.5%

About BNBFort

BNBFort is a new yield farm on the Binance Smart Chain. It’s a project that allows investors to receive passive income for staking their BNB tokens. The idea to design and develop BNBFort was borne out of the passion to have an honest, fair, and transparent distribution system for BNB.

At BNBFort, nobody is superior to the other. Every participant is equal. One feature about the project is that it has been duly audited by HazeCrypto, an independent audit company reputed in the crypto space.

HazeCrypto audit found no vulnerability, no backdoors, and no scam scripts on the project below:

For full Audit Report and project details:

More information at:

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