BLOXIT Solutions Is Helping American Homes Save Money on Costly Utilities Through Its Air Vent-Blocking Technology

BLOXIT is restricting air and money from flying through the vents and redirecting them to the places where they are needed the most

Americans spend a sizeable chunk of their disposable income on utility bills. According to the US Energy Information Administration, in 2019, the average cost of energy in US households in a month was about $115.49. It is a matter of necessity that forward-thinking decisions be made to conserve energy and finances within homes. Vents within the house are one of the channels through which heating and cooling energy is lost and wasted. Airflow passes through air vents and even leaks to rooms that are not currently in use hence jacking-up the utility bills at the end of the month.Β 

BLOXIT solutions have developed a technology that literally blocks extra spending cash and energy losses in homes of all sizes. This technology was developed by Tyson Petty who had first-hand experience on exorbitant energy costs which he experienced when he moved into his new home. His search for a solution led him to design a cost-effective and yet efficient energy conservation unit which eventually birthed the BLOXIT. BLOXIT is a pacesetter in the American innovation ecosystem. It is a simple-to-use device that blocks airflow to rooms or vents where they are not required, but rather, redistributes the air to areas of use. Β Tyson knew that he needed something that was out of site and would be reliable.(?)Β  BLOXIT is for homeowners, apartments, offices, any space with a functioning HVAC system, and for people who desire comfort without wastage.

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BLOXIT was designed by Tyson Petty, 8 years ago as a personal solution to limit high energy usage and reduce the money spent on utilities in his home and that of his friends. After three months of using BLOXIT technology to block 4 units, Tyson discovered that he had saved $400 and knew that this innovation could not remain under wraps for any longer. BLOXIT has undergone numerous improvements to improve its design and fine-tune usability. This led to a search for manufactures, designers, and testers to take this new discovery to another level and make it readily affordable and available for customers. BLOXIT was designed in Missouri and manufactured in the states of Kansas, Texas, and Missouri.

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