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Fresh Market Research Results Show Where People Plan to Travel in 2022

Turkey, Thailand, Italy and Mexico are among the top destinations for for US, UK, German and French travelers.

2021 is almost over. It is safe to stay that everyone in the hospitality industry is hopeful that 2022 will bring the much-awaited travel rebound. While some destinations had a great 2021 in terms of tourism, arrivals, room nights, and revenue, other countries are still kept hanging on.

Various forecasts and opinions are circulating in travel industry news about what 2022 will look like. Going beyond secondary data, hotel and travel advisory company DD & Partners to do a 2,000 response survey research with us.

The interactive reporting dashboard with all data and information is available here:

Brief research overview

Similar to our previous study about the dietary expectations of Millennials, this research was also targeted at people between 26 and 28 years old. A total of 2,000 valid responses were collected.

The survey asked them about their next destination, their planning status, travel purpose, and style. Participants are equally distributed from some of the largest tourism markets:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France

Key insights from the 2022 travel planning research

Among all respondents, the top planned visits are to the following destinations, sorted by most trips planned.

  1. Turkey
  2. Thailand
  3. Italy
  4. Mexico
  5. Egypt
  6. Dubai
  7. Spain
  8. Greece
  9. United States
  10. Morocco

Travel budgets, destinations, and status of travel planning

Nearly half of self-proclaimed mid-range travelers have booked their next trip already. Most high-end travelers did the same, while the majority of budget travelers did not book anything yet.

  • Most high-end travelers have planned and booked trips to Italy, Mexico and Greece.
  • European mid-range travelers have plans to visit Dubai, while US mid-range travelers have plans to visit Mexico.
  • The majority of budget travelers have plans to visit Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, and Spain, nearly 50% did not make any arrangements yet.

Based on the survey research data, over 40% more high-end and mid-range travelers have made reservations for 2022 over the age of 32 years old. Younger travelers have less specific plans and reported unconfirmed booking status.

Interesting insights related to travel purpose

Filtering response data by travel purpose shows a slightly different picture.

Budget business travelers have plans to visit Egypt, Spain, and Dubai. This matches with the travel preferences of digital nomads or those who arrange long stays in a warm country to live and work there for an extended time.

Most mid-range business travelers plan to visit Dubai. High-end business travelers have the plan to visit the United States, Mexico, and Italy.

How do these research results match with official travel statistics?

Quite well. The public research data shows that Mexico, Italy and the United States, Thailand are among the top destinations for 2022 — among US, UK, French and German travelers.

Turkey has been on a strong tourism uptrend before the pandemic-related travel restrictions took place. The second half of 2021 has been a great rebound for Turkey, signaling strong, continued demand for the destination.

Mexico is on a strong rebound trend. During the January — August 2021 period, 35 million international visitors arrived in Mexico, a 1.3% decrease compared to the same period in 2020. During the January — August 2021 period, 20.1 million international tourists arrived in Mexico, a 27.7% increase compared to the same period in 2020. During the same period of 2019, just before the pandemic, the country welcomed 29 million tourists.

The survey data looks very similar to the official Dubai arrival statistics too, especially in terms of Western-European travelers which make 18% of total arrivals.

The survey results correlate very well with the travel trends of past years.

Would you like to do similar research for your destination?

Market Sampler enables anyone to start an online survey research from $50, targeting non-incentivized respondents worldwide, in any language, for any purpose. With free-form survey creation and detailed targeting options, it is very straightforward to start researching.

To access more targeting options, research status tracking, and priority support tools, we recommend opening a Partner Area account.

Once again, the survey results are linked below, and free to use for anyone.

2022 Travel Plan Survey (US, UK, Germany & France).

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Be Ready for German Inflation Spike Close to 6%, Bundesbank Says

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Fobi Announces the Completion of SOC2 Type 1 Certification

“Obtaining the SOC 2 Type 1 certification reinforces Fobi’s ongoing commitment to the security, availability, and processing integrity of Fobi’s platform,” says Tamer Shafiq, CTO at Fobi. “Our clients can feel very confident that we are making every investment to establish and maintain the highest level of security and compliance.” Read More

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Renewed China Demand Fears Weigh on Copper

LONDON — Copper prices came under pressure on Monday from renewed worries about demand in top consumer China, expectations of a more balanced market over the coming months and a stronger dollar. Read More

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Essential Equipment for a New Manufacturing Business

Starting a new manufacturing business can be an exciting time, and the potential profits achievable from producing your own goods can be substantial. If you have a strong idea that has a viable proven market, manufacturing is one of the most lucrative sectors to enter.

However, before going down the road of starting a manufacturing firm, there are some key points to consider to maximise your chances of success – not least of which is thinking about the equipment you’re going to need.

While all companies are different and your particular requirements may vary depending on the specific types of goods you intend to produce, below are some of the more common items you should consider to make your manufacturing operation as streamlined as possible and get the highest Return on Investment (ROI).

Conveyor belts

Perhaps the most famous example of conveyor belt production is that of Henry Ford’s assembly line technique which successfully cut the manufacturing time of a car from over 12 hours to a little over an hour and a half. While Ford is often attributed with inventing the production line concept, in truth, all he did was take a long-proven idea and improve it. However, the production line methodology remains in wide use today.

A conveyor belt system is a vital part of almost all manufacturing processes as it allows goods to be moved seamlessly from one stage of production to another and provides a logical flow to the creative operations. Also, while the cost of a conveyor system might seem high at the start, the initial outlay will soon pay for itself in terms of freeing up time and resources.

Laser cutting machines

Laser cutting machines have a multitude of uses in manufacturing, from shaping components to creating branded materials like signage, vehicle livery or engravings. Modern laser cutter technology is now more versatile and affordable than ever and investing in a cutting machine will reduce your overhead by removing the need to outsource these vital tasks to third-party providers.

Storage tanks

Storing components and materials safely, economically and with the smallest footprint possible will improve your production facility and help streamline your production process. Before investing, you’ll need to consider the precise characteristics of the materials you intend to stockpile and pick tanks made from an appropriate substance (for example, steel, aluminium, plastic tanks, etc.).

Electrical generators

Unfortunately, power shortages or outages can and do happen, and, in a production facility, the results of losing energy can prove disastrous – or, worse yet, might even be dangerous.  Having a backup source of power is vital to protect your staff and your products in case the power goes off unexpectedly.


Investing in a shredder will allow you to efficiently dispose of waste products while also freeing up extra space that might otherwise be taken up by waste materials. Also, if you think ahead and contact a recycling company, you might be able to earn back a little of the outlay by selling your ‘waste’ product that could potentially be put to other uses.

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Essential Equipment For A New Manufacturing Business

Klongtom Heritage Offering Investors an ‘Unmissable Opportunity’ to Be Part of the Salt Hot Spring Treasure

Klongtom Heritage is looking forward to becoming the ultimate stop for everybody’s health and wellness needs since the discovery of salt hot spring treasure and it is offering the exceptional opportunity to investors to become a part of this project.

KRABI, THAILAND – MAY 27, 2022 – Klongtom Heritage has pinned its hopes on its ability to become a new world-class health and wellness destination with the discovery of the salt hot spring known to be the world’s one-and-only underground treasure that is rich in hundreds of minerals, backed by a high level of total dissolved solids (TDS) measured to be around 11,690. Stretching on a vast area of more than 300 rai, the Klongtom Heritage project consists of ten special zones highlighted by the exercise area, café, hotel, and residence designed to match up with different needs and lifestyles of health lovers. The project also features the world’s first specialized holistic hospital that has applied the use of the salt hot spring to build on the health rehabilitation program in line with modern medicine plus exclusive services of globally accepted standards. Klongtom Heritage is welcoming both local and foreign investors to take this ‘unmissable opportunity’ to be part of the health mega trend and make the Klongtom Heritage project, worth a value of more than Bt13.7 billion, achievable together.

There are many reasons why the Klongtom Heritage project is worth investing in. Krabi is a southern province of Thailand located on the shore of the Andaman Sea. The province is enormously popular for its natural attractions, including scenic landscapes of mountains, stunning sandy beaches, beautiful tropical seashores, and breathtaking waterfalls and caves, which are second to none in the country. However, only a few people know that Krabi’s Klongtom district owns a one-of-a-kind natural treasure that can attract health-conscious tourists from around the world. It is the ‘salt hot spring’ produced by the emergence of naturally heated groundwater flowing through cracks of rocks and their sediments. The groundwater heated and mixed with the deep seawater contains a high amount of salt estimated to be more than 9 grams per liter, together with the approximate amounts of 104 milligrams per liter and 29 milligrams per liter of calcium and magnesium, respectively. It is also rich in essential minerals of more than 100 types, in which sodium chloride is a major mineral followed by silica, potassium, and magnesium carbonate, while the level of total dissolved solids (TDS) is maintained at 11,690, which is much higher than the average level of only 1,000- 2,000 possessed by other hot springs.

As the water temperature in the salt hot spring varies around 40-47 degrees Celsius, it is truly suitable for bathing and soaking. The miraculous salt hot spring also helps stimulate blood circulation, lower blood pressure, relieve muscle soreness, and reduce joint inflammation, while offering relaxation in an extremely versatile form of hydrotherapy, which is believed to treat diabetes and skin diseases as well as nourish the nervous and digestive systems.

The Klongtom Heritage project has therefore been initiated from Klongtom Heritage’s passionate desire to let the world know about the miracle of the salt hot spring as something special for everyone. The salt hot spring is used to complement the treatment of illnesses in combination with modern medicine supported by the long-standing experience and expertise of physiotherapists, regenerative medicine doctors, and medical specialists who have been invited to develop specialized health and rehabilitation programs plus world-class service standards.

Situated on an approximate area of 300 rai, the Klongtom Heritage project becomes more special with ten different health and wellness zones covering all lifestyles and needs of health lovers, where local and foreign investors are welcome to take this unmissable opportunity to invest in the zones they prefer, varying in (1) Community Market, (2) Hotel, (3) Town Center, (4) Sports, Enhancement, (5) Spa Medical, (6) Agriculture, (7) Branded Residences, (8) Resort Residences, (9) Amataya Residence, and (10) Amataya Rehabilitation Hospital.

The first phase will open in June 2022, starting with Amataya Rehabilitation Hospital, a new holistic hospital specializing in physical therapy and treatments of stroke patients, and Amataya Residence, a luxury residential project designed to re-align quality living in tune with the natural environment, with a private salt hot spring pool featured in every unit for everyone aiming for health restoration and energy enhancement in every day.

Emphasizing on the ‘holistic healthcare’ concept is considered a significant factor for investing in the health and wellness industry. The existence of the aging society and severe diseases as well as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic have prompted people in this era to start paying greater attention to preventive healthcare methods, particularly holistic healthcare for both physical and mental health. This has become a key factor that stimulates investments in the health and wellness market. Several small-sized and large-scale business companies are keeping an eye on this fast-growing business. Many real estate developers have expressed their intentions to invest in the health and wellness market, whether it is in the form of a joint venture or the expansion of new business lines.

According to the report titled ‘The Global Wellness Economy: Looking Beyond COVID’ issued by GWI, it is forecasted that the wellness economy will return to life with amazing leaps in growth when the COVID-19 pandemic is put to an end. The growth may reach up to USD7.0 trillion by 2025, judging from the eleven sectors in the health and wellness economy. GWI has also predicted that the hot spring industry can achieve around $90 billion in revenue in the same year.

From 34,099 hot spring sites in 130 counties worldwide, the salt hot spring of Krabi’s Klongtom district is considered the one-and-only underground treasure that possesses medicinal properties in treating ailments. This is one of the major reasons why investors interested in health and wellness should not miss out on this great opportunity. More importantly, the market value of health tourism in Thailand tends to increase steadily. Currently, Thailand is recognized as one of the top five health tourism destinations in the world, while both medical tourism and health and wellness tourism are gaining greater popularity among local and foreign tourists who have been estimated to spend up to around Bt80,000 to Bt120,000 per trip. This will be special for those of the wellness tourism group, particularly since they are not considered sick people, but seeking a trip to experience new healthcare programs, enjoy local healthy menus, obtain health check-up packages, or attend health therapy courses and Thai massage, which remain in line with the government’s recent policy to promote a brand-new ‘Health and Hot Spring Tourism’ program to be a crucial part of the National Economic Development Plan, particularly for the development of health and wellness tourism. Following the government’s full support, This is an unmissable opportunity for strategic investors to take part in driving Thailand towards becoming a world-class health and wellness hub.

Video Link:

The Klongtom Heritage project is currently welcoming investors and operators with potential, competence, and professionalism in health and wellness to be part of this megatrend after pining hopes on its ability to become a new world-class health and wellness destination.

For more information, please contact Tel. +66 92 257 9089 or visit Klongtom Heritage at

Media Contact
Company Name: Klongtom Heritage
Contact Person: Mr. Kabir Saluja
Email: Send Email
Phone: +66 92 257 9089
State: Krabi
Country: Thailand

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Some Chinese Banks Told to Issue More Loans for Property Projects – Sources

BEIJING — Some Chinese banks have been told by financial regulators to issue more loans to property firms for project development, two banking sources with direct knowledge of the situation told Reuters on Monday, in efforts to marginally ease liquidity strains across the industry. Read More

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Employers Warned Over Care With Christmas Payroll as Could Make Employees Worse Off

Employers who try and help employees buy paying Christmas salaries early could affect those on universal credit by up to 55%.

That is the stark warning from tax and advisory firm Blick Rothenberg. Robert Salter, a tax service director with the firm said: In the run-up to Christmas, it is common for employers to pay December salaries earlier than normal but if they get the dates wrong on the electronic submissions, they make to HMRC, it could severely impact those universal credit

Robert said: “Employers may pay the salary for the month ended 31st December on say the 17th of December rather than the (traditional) last working day of the month, because of office closures and / or to assist employees from a cashflow perspective which is a nice gesture, but it could go wrong.”

He added: “Such seasonal payroll arrangements are well-established and perfectly legitimate, but it is important for payroll providers to get the electronic payroll submission – known as an FPS – to correctly record the period that the pay relates too.

“If, for example, using the above dates, the FPS said the earnings were purely for the period ended 17th December rather than the correct date of 31st December, this could impact the Universal Credit (UC) entitlement of those employees who are in receipt of this benefit.”

Robert said: “It’s an easy mistake for employers – and their payroll teams – to make but it   could have a really painful impact on those employees and their families who are in receipt of UC, to top up their pay.”

He added: “In broad terms, reporting the wrong pay period – and thereby artificially inflating the perceived wages of an employee, could reduce their UC support from the Government by as much as 55%.  Not exactly the type of Christmas Present that anybody would want this time of year.”

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Employers warned over care with Christmas payroll as could make employees worse off

GemFind Launches Virtual Try-on Feature to Improve Customer Engagement and Interactivity on Jewelry Websites

The new try-on feature will allow customers to virtually try on jewelry pieces from their computers or smart devices when shopping from any retail jewelry stores

May 27, 2022 – GemFind is delighted to announce the launch of a virtual try-on feature, that will give online customers a similar shopping experience as physical jewelry stores. 

According to the company, the new tool was designed to improve customer engagement and interactivity on jewelry websites, by letting them virtually try on items, using just their laptop or smartphone cameras.

Although the introduction of online stores certainly made trade and commerce easier – by allowing sellers to reach more potential buyers regardless of distance, some have argued that the digital and contactless nature of the transactions poses negative consequences on the shopping experience of consumers, especially for luxury items.

While someone shopping for basic utilities would simply want to pay and receive their items in the quickest time possible, luxurious items such as diamonds and other jewelry require a particular level of attention and interaction not easily provided by the current structure of online commerce.

As the leading innovator in the jewelry industry, GemFind is redefining the standards of interactive media design with its amazing products and services. Not long ago, the company launched a similar virtual try-on feature on its RingBuilder® app, that allowed customers to get a sense of how the rings they’ve designed would look on their fingers, even before they complete the purchase.

Today, the company revealed that it has extended this same feature to its other platforms, so customers can seamlessly virtually try-on other products such as Pendants, Bracelets, Watches, etc, when shopping from any jewelry stores or designer and manufacturers’ websites.

“We are excited to announce the launch of a new tool that will make shopping for jewelry more fun and exciting. With our new virtual try-on tool, customers can easily see exactly how an item would look on them and make a better purchase decision without having to visit the store.”

Unlike other platforms that require consumers to download additional apps to use special features, the new virtual try-on feature by the company is browser-based and can be instantly accessed by consumers, once integrated into a website.

GemFind believes that this new feature will greatly improve how consumers interact with product inventories online, and chart the beginning of a new age in online jewelry sales.

GF Virtual Try On™, will be debuted and officially released at the JCK Show in Las Vegas at the GemFind booth in the Essentials & Technology section of the show.

Anyone interested in learning more about the new virtual try-on feature can reach out to GemFind via the contact info below.

About GemFind Digital Solutions 

GemFind has been providing digital solutions to the jewelry industry since 1999 advancing hundreds of independent jewelers’ online presence and success with digital marketing. 

GemFind also connects retailers to their jewelry vendors through their proprietary state-of-the-art technology JewelCloud™, allowing retailers to showcase their vendors’ product data and digital assets on their websites in real-time. From website consultation, design, and development, to  managing complete online marketing strategies for jewelers and jewelry brands, GemFind is the one digital agency for all digital needs in the jewelry industry. Developed web apps like RingBuilder™, DiamondLink™, StudBuilder™, and PendantBuilder™ have made GemFind a one-stop digital shop for jewelry retailers worldwide.

Media Contact
Company Name: GemFind Digital Solutions
Contact Person: Sarah Ykoruk
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Phone: 800-373-4373
City: Newport Beach
State: CA
Country: United States

Water Wall Interior Is Bestseller at Midwest Tropical

Midwest Tropical unveils one of its must-see attractions, a water wall interior collection incorporating the most technologically advanced installations. It is one of the fastest-growing interior water wall companies, with an increasing number of water wall sales for commercial businesses and office interiors. 

Businesses turning to one-of-the-kind water wall features since they have the power to enrichany commercial decor while leaving a calming and cozy atmosphere.

A cluster of sensations will flood your interior with a water wall. The interior water wall is designed and suited for the perfect setting adding magic and exquisiteness. When placed, our water wall interior will catch your attention from the first moment you enter the space.

Do you like to travel, Rivers and waterfalls and the beauty of nature? If so, a water wall will be a perfect decoration for you. The most beautiful places inspire this decoration and the entire collection globally. Thanks to the trendy water wall interior, your interior will dazzle beyond recognition. 

Imagine that one of your favorite landscapes will accompany you for a long time. Thanks to this, you can externalize your passion, but you will also change the design of your commercial cosmos. Doesn’t it sound dreamy or a dream come true? Water walls are no more residential choices. They perfectly adorn a workspace, office, hospitality industry, restaurants, and cafes. 

A water wall interior is ideal for those who love eye-catching decorations. The theme, such as rivers and waterfalls, must be correctly exposed to highlight the beauty of this space. Incorporating a water feature is no more a dream or a task. With us, you can always get what you want. Get in touch with our representatives to find all the desired information on all kinds of water features on our website online. 

At Midwest Tropical, our exclusive water walls certainly meet these qualities. They add warmth to any interior of your office. We recommend the complete collection of water wall interiors in which you can find spectacular designs from all over the world. Visit our store online and feel free to explore every category offering the desired water features in detail. Go through our blog section to find out all the dÊcor ideas. 

Choose the interior water wall you want to install in your workspace. Our company offers you top-quality water features and fonts with useful information on assemblage and care.

If you like streaming water and its sound, seeing an interior water wall will make you feel at ease. With the enchanting sound of circulating water and the benefits of a working water source, the combination will be very beneficial for the energy of your commercial space, an office, or even a fashion store. The benefits of water walls are many. That is why we recommend that, if you like them, you incorporate them into the spaces you spend most of your day.

At Midwest Tropical, you can find a wide variety of water wall interiors of excellent quality to adapt to any decor. Visit our Online Store and get to know all the available products.

Media Contact
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Contact Person: Gregory Burnett
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Phone: 847-604-0925
Address:3420 West Touhy Avenue
City: Skokie
State: Illinois 60076
Country: United States

Lonestar Safety Inspection Introduced Unique Safety Training and Safety Audits Program in Greater Houston.

Lone star offers safety audits and safety training.
Lone star offers unique safety training in greater Houston, TX. It has 25 years of experience in solving business problems, writing safety programs for customers for attempting to secure work, and providing training & materials in English and Spanish.

LONE STAR – 27th May, 2022 – We feel delighted to announce that we offer unique Lone star training to enhance the safety culture in your organization. We offer unique Safety Training in Houston, TX. At Lone star we have experts who can provide Instructor-led safety training/Digital safety training with certifications for the following: Excavation, Trenching, Confined Space, Respirators, Fall Protection, Forklift, Cranes, Backhoe. we have team members who can provide multiple day safety training for special topics with certifications on OSHA 10, OSHA 30, HAZWOPER 8, and HAZWOPER 40.

Safety training and documentation are the foundation of your safety program because it gives your employees the information to recognise hazardous conditions and unsafe acts while they work. Regular training reinforces the idea that safety is paramount at your company. The key indicators of a well-managed company are – A quality, well-written safety program, Written employee work rules and policies. Evidence that employees are being trained.

We have 25 years of experience in solving business problems. We recognise what exposures you face and what is needed to reduce your risk of loss. From compliance problems to written employment and safety policies, we’re the company you can trust. Lone Star is perfectly positioned for 25 years of experience in writing employee policy and safety manuals, 25 years of experience in writing safety programs for customers attempting to secure work, 25 years of experience dealing with customer OSHA citations and compliance issues and 25 years of providing training and written material in English and Spanish. 

We can say with confidence all our team members have safety in their DNAs.  We have customers who have stayed with us for decades as they see the value we bring to their company safety programs, safety training needs, and overall OSHA compliance. We offer unique Safety Training in more excellent Houston, TX. Lone Star provides safety audis in Houston in addition to onsite training for employees in Houston and surrounding areas. Safety lessons are delivered digitally (email/text) to employees’ cell phones, tablets, or computers—unique Lone star training offerings to enhance the safety culture in your organisation. Additionally, we empower supervisors to conduct toolbox meetings with safety topics critical for employees.

About Lone Star: 

Lone Star Loss Control is an OSHA safety consulting company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Lone Star provides safety training for the construction, manufacturing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, grocery, and other industries. OSHA safety training classes can be conducted digitally, by correspondence, at our offices or your facility or job site. Our Safety Training programs are unique and have evolved over the years to meet the needs of a changing workforce.

For More information, please visit

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Country: United States