BLAZAR Token, “The Crypto Pension” Is Launching on April 21 on Pancake Swap

The ultimate alternative to the traditional pension plan, Blazar Token, “The Crypto Pension” is set to launch this April 21 on Pancake Swap.

Blazar, The Native Token to the MOONFUEL Protocol will be launching on April 21st and its debut couldn’t come at a better time. While the traditional pension plans are searching for answers to repay hundreds of millions of dollars in borrowed funds, BLAZAR Token is leading the most anticipated Token launch of 2022. Labeled as the “crypto Pension” by its followers, BLAZAR will offer its investors the ability to purchase the token via ACH, and Payroll Deduction ensuring consistent incoming investment funds regardless of market conditions. 

Their plan for creating a high percentage of return and significant gain for their token holders is to utilize their liquidity vaults money to Stake into high yield earning tokens and then return that initial investment and Yield earned to the liquidity vault thus adding to the tokens value.

Blazar gives its investors the power to take back what is theirs, and invest in what they believe in. Unlike traditional pension plans where nobody can withdraw the money until retirement, BLAZAR lets everybody to choose where to allocate their pension contribution. They can choose to take on a higher or lower risk depending upon where they are in life, and can withdraw any gains they may have made without being faced with large penalties. 

No one should be penalized for asking to withdraw their own money. Blazar is part of a retirement token ecosystem being built by John DeSalvo, its CEO, and Founder. He stated, “Moonfuel Protocol is a pension plan supplement which will offer numerous tokens similar to a mutual fund where our investors can choose to allocate their weekly earnings into funds they believe in.” 

Moonfuel has a Governance Token called Andromeda which successfully launched on Pancake Swap on April 1, and will give its holders the ability to make decisions as a voting democracy to ensure things continue to grow and evolve as the entire crypto space does. With Tokens such as their Stable Coin Moonfuel and Growth Tokens Blitzar, Cosmos, and Nebula investors will have numerous choices with their money.

Pension plans have just started to invest portions of their money into crypto with a Texas Police Department being one of the first to invest 1.5% of their total value into it. This is going to be a growing trend in the United States and BLAZAR is leading the way as the token of choice.

Blazar Token’s Whitepaper can be viewed on its website and its tokens and trading exchange at For investment opportunities before its launch on 4/21/22 send an email to

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