BLACK PANTHER COIN: A Meme Coin That Deals in Crypto Coins and Spread Awareness About Colon Cancer

Black Panther Coin is an amusing collectible token. Well, it is not just a coin, but it also spreads the knowledge about colon cancer among people. Its several enterprising devs are called Claw. It was likened to a movie in which the person who was playing the character of Black Panther died. This caused great sadness and disturbance among devs. Therefore, this coin and its entirety wants to spread knowledge about different types of cancers, and at the same time, combine to provide motives to those who will assist in telling the world about this good cause.

This form of crypto currency will result in more sales of the coins, which will in return raise their value. It also provides some cash back on the investment of new people. It will attract more people in the process of buying the coins, and by this, more people will come to know about the knowledge devs are providing about cancer.

We executed a fair release and placed most of the tokens into PancakeSwap while keeping just a few for developers, charity, freebies, and token burning. Hence, 100% of the first LP tokens have been locked. We have a specific charity wallet that takes donations and distributes them to our charity partners. Decentralization is a process in the Black Panther Coin (PNTHR). It implies that, unlike a bank, you don’t have to trust any central institution or individual. Your cash can’t be seized by the developers or team, and it can’t be returned if you send them to the wrong address.

For the process of buying, you first need to create a crypto account and begin buying crypto currencies. Then, download a crypto currency wallet. If you pick MetaMask as your wallet, you need to include the BNB network with it. After that, transfer your BNB from your preferred exchange. Now is the time to replace your BNB. This is simple to accomplish while accessing your wallet’s BNB balance. Go to swap for further information. Connect your wallet by clicking the button in the top right corner. BNB should be in the first box.

You may need to put our location in the token area. Ensure to enter the number of BNB you wish to exchange and always double-check this process before clicking “swap.” If the transaction succeeded, it will display you a lower BNB balance in your wallet and inform you about the success. To view Coin, go to the wallet settings and then enter the appropriate information from our website.

Unless you did something incorrectly, it will display your tokens. This step can be completed before exchanging your coins. If you like, you can view them when you complete the exchange. Check the bscscan account @ Put the wallet address, and then press enter to get a list of your tokens in the wallet and their values.

Black Panther Coin invites all and sundry to be collaborators. So therefore, espoused us to family and friends and reap multiple benefits of working with us. However, to share suggestions and feedbacks, contact us right now. 

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