BK CIANDRE Series of Ceramic Tables Is Leading the World of Furniture.

CHINA – July 22, 2022 – BKX Smart Furniture Co., Ltd is a China-based brand that is known as a minimalist furniture manufacturer. This company is the world’s no 1. And the most trusted furniture manufacturing company. Its client circle is widespread all over the globe Guangdong BKX Smart Furniture Co., Ltd participated in the many largest furniture exhibitions, and like every year Guangdong BKX Smart Furniture Co., Ltd became the prime focus of the furniture-based exhibitions. BK CIANDRE is a minimalist furniture manufacturer whose major focus is on the ceramic furniture manufacturing.

Guangdong BKX Smart Furniture Co., Ltd perspective regarding ceramic furniture,

“Furniture made of ceramic is a fashionable and useful substitute for marble furniture. It is strong, heat resistant, and comes in a variety of colours.”

BK CIANDRE is famous for its Italian minimalist ceramic furniture for home use and corporate use as well. Their Italian minimalist style ceramic tables are trending launch of BK CIANDRE furniture collection. This ceramic table series includes,

CERAMIC Dining Table Long Island Series

SANQI Series 

MANTA Series 

TOBAN Series of Ceramic Tea Table/Coffee Table. 

For knowing about complete range of BK CIANDRE ceramic table product must visit on the website.


BK CIANDRE for making its furniture and series of ceramic tables selected the most superior porcelain slab material from famous domestic porcelain slab brand and Italy famous porcelain slab brand. The distinguishing feature of these tables are,

Long Island Series Ceramic Table

Rectangular or Square Minimalize Design Stable Structure Table

The Manta series of BK CIANDRE ceramic tables is best known for its, 

Sinuous Shape of the legs Table Manufactured in Aluminium Die Casting  

The best features of BK CIANDRE tables are the tabletop is made up of ceramic and table base is made of Aluminium structure, as well as the material used for its production is heat resistant and environmentally friendly powder painting for aluminium table base.

Once there was a time when marble was a hot trend for the material of table manufacturing, even for construction, but nowadays mineral resources are depleting, and many places have overdeveloped the mineral. If people don’t take the right environmental protection measures, then the disaster in the films will become a reality. Freshwater resources will be depleted, affecting the sustainable development of society and the economy. People move in the open air at any time at risk of being hit by giant hailstones. Tornadoes are the second vision, multiple tornadoes that ravage certain cities in the country, collapsing buildings and sweeping away cars and people; then, the sea level is rising, the country is facing unprecedented floods, and no one can stop the floods, The temperature of the “eye” in the centre of the vortex drops rapidly, and everything freezes, as if the ice age is coming.

Therefore, BK CIANDRE uses ceramic to replace the marble, which is stunning as marble, but it is eco-friendly and good for long-term development. it looks more stylish shiny and lightweight in nature. Ceramic tables are available in almost every colour and design in fact they can be customized as per  according to the requirement of your space available and the colour theme of your room, office and outdoor experience.

The base of the tables is made of Aluminum which is 100% recyclable material and best for environmental safety. BK CIANDRE uses Aluminum for manufacturing all its structural parts of products because of its exceptional quality, pliancy, lightness, and durability. Furthermore, it can be used for any occasion, regardless of the weather.

Bk CIANDRE considers technology and machines to be essential, starting from the product, in which it is required in order to achieve the utmost quality and perfection, through to the production systems, characterized by the use of glass and aluminium, a sign of the maximum flexibility in production, and the production line is set up based on Italy top furniture brand’s quality standard.

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