BixBcoin Makes Strategic Comeback With Army of Features

BixBcoin is making its comeback in a big way using enticing new features on the blockchain. The peer-to-peer digital asset is built on its own blockchain and has been in operation for over a year. The project found success not too long after launching in March, 2020, going on to hit multiple new all-time highs over the next couple of months. The digital asset provides users a safe and efficient way to carry out transactions with no restrictions.

The BIXB blockchain serves as the backbone of BixBcoin, providing it a strong structure to lean on. This characteristic is one found in top projects in the crypto space such as Bitcoin and Ethereum which both back their native tokens with a well built infrastructure. Given this, BixBcoin had introduced itself to the market as a multi-platform financial service that held great promise for the future.

What’s So Great About BixBcoin?

Founded by MRM Group, a decentralized entity, BixBcoin boasts of a distributed team that is spread across the globe. This helps to ensure the independence and safety of the BixBcoin ecosystem with its team members located in different countries.

Source codes for the BIXB blockchain are open source and as such are available for any interested parties to view on GitHub. It is regarded as one of the highly transparent projects in the cryptocurrency space.

BixBcoin also features low transaction fees on its wallets, exchanges, and all supported platforms, securing its reputation as a cost-efficient digital asset. 

BixBcoin had, upon launch, published its roadmap and whitepaper for the future which would guide the team on their journey through the crypto space. BixBcoin’s team proved themselves in this regard by pushing frequent updates, no history of bugs in its apps and systems, getting listed and referenced on multiple reputable websites, and above all, being responsive to its community while maintaining top-notch professionalism.

Earning With BixBcoin

BixBcoin offers its holders more than just the promise of a profitable future. For users, earning with their coins have never been easier. BixBcoin had launched its first decentralized lending system called “Loanypto” last year. The secure platform feature featured a creative design and user-friendly interface on which allowed BixB holders to secure loans act low interest rates. 

Moreover, when BixBcoin holders take out loans, the collateral they provide does not sit idly by. The user’s collateral could get up to 5% APY and when the price of the token goes up, so does the borrower’s profit. 

BixBcoin also incentivizes its holders using earning events. One example of this is the Hobbit investment plan. This plan offers a high interest rate of 60.60% to BixBcoin holders who participate in the panel, although it only runs for 90 days on the Incentive Plan.


BixBcoin hosts a native online payment gateway API that allows merchants to receive cryptocurrency payments. The API is compiled to work with any of the existing programming languages. However, implementing it to work with a website does not require any coding knowledge and merchants can integrate it on their websites for free.

The BIXBPay Gateway provides some of the lowest fee rates in the space, with fees less than 0.01%. Using the BIXBPay Gateway also mitigates fraud as there are no risks of chargeback – a common problem with credit cards – since transactions are non-refundable. Payments are fast and merchants can gain instant access to their funds once payment is complete.

Currency Of Online Games

BixBcoin has boosted its liquidity strength by entering into the gaming sphere. The project recently announced that the digital asset is accepted by two leading game provider websites, “Victory Games” and “Toto”.

BixBcoin will act as an in-game currency across the thousands of games provided by these companies, making it a valuable asset in the gaming world. With BixBcoin, gamers will be able to earn money by playing their favorite games on these platforms.

BixB Token

BixB’s token has taken a couple of hits in the market recently, but the token has held its own in the market. The digital asset had been launched at a price of $25. However, multiple pumps in the market saw the token grow over 10x to peak at an all-time-high of $260. The price has since fallen back down, losing most of its value in the market. When the market dips, it is important to invest in strong projects with a robust foundational blockchain.

BixBcoin is listed on Hotbit, Coinsbit, and the BixB exchange, where it trades with both USDT and BTC pairs, in addition to FIAT currencies pairs.  

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