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With the concept of GameFi and metaverse, blockchain games have become a hot topic for many people, and games on the Binance Smart Chain are about to usher in a wave of rapid development. However, many current GameFi projects do not offer a true metaverse and gaming experience, making the overall level of the game difficult to attract more users. Bird World is an AVG game crafted by a number of national top development teams, including Blizzard. The game starts with the passenger pigeons, the most numerous migratory bird on the mainland. It is a story about a group of anthropomorphic birds who have lost their homes and are searching for a new living space.

Bird World Profile

According to Bird World’s official introduction, it was established in July 2021 and conducted market research. The team analyzed the common problems existing in traditional and trending blockchain games through the vision of the metaverse ecosystem, and proposed creative solutions to provide users with the ultimate next generation gaming experience through the blockchain mechanism and to create a new metaverse.

Bird World was the next frontier in the gaming industry, a revolutionary system that allowed users to earn without having to play the game. It is a decentralized AVG game with an innovative DAO approach powered by DeFi tools that enables users to earn passive income from non-fungible and fungible tokens.

Bird World Returns the access to the users

Bird World wants everyone to be their own master, free to manage their own assets without being peeped, monitored or blocked by centralized institutions. Based on decentralization, privacy, fair and independent, Bird World will ensure the fairness of financial security and every investor to participate in at the same time, the dangers of stripping centralized, build the decentralized ecological circle and the value of the real closed-loop, establish contact for virtual and reality, let the metaverse and DAO and at the same time promote social progress and create a personal value.

The Core and Advantages of Bird World

Through blockchain networks and tokens, Bird World creates a perfect replica of a decentralized +GameFi+ metaverse + gaming ecosystem and toolset for users and developers.

• In Bird World, all game objects are represented as NFTs on the blockchain network. Therefore, all projects can be owned by users or others. Bird World allows users to accumulate more in-game tokens and assets such as items. The key to Bird World is that once acquired, users can exchange those assets in the market for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, such as dollars, to generate disposable income.

• In the Bird World ecosystem, the Play-to-Ean model will be one of the core of the game. Making money while playing is birdworld’s biggest selling point. Leveling up and defeating monsters in the game will not only bring you joy, but also tokens, equipment, items, and NFTs, which can all be sold on the blockchain market.

• BirdWorld will create a motivational ecosystem through the recycling of non-fungible assets. Use activity and contribution to measure the number of user benefits. At the same time, through the generation, circulation and value fission of scarce assets and NFT, it gives the maximum feedback to users.

• In Bird World, buyers and sellers can trade freely in the secondary market for NFT transactions. In terms of GAS fees, the proposed Bird World has no user barriers or distribution restrictions compared to a normal NFT trading platform. In addition, NFT on Bird World stores data in a decentralized storage network, ensuring that data is persistent and immutable.

• Bird World can provide players with a fair, impartial and open game environment, transparent data, transparent rules, no backstage manipulation of item drop rate and malicious induced consumption. The hope is that the assets of game players can be preserved in a long-term, secure and decentralized manner. At the same time, Bird World hopes to split the value of digital asset economic model through the NFT+GameFi model.

Bird World Gameplay Design

Bird World is a game of strategy cards + simulation nurturance, it uses a unique matching algorithm that matches players at the same level, providing fair matches for all players. Most games don’t allow players to participate in game updates and development. Games often have bugs that players want the developers to remove or fix. Bird World uses an innovative DAO system to give players the best votes in game development and improvement.

Set in the Medieval New World, Bird World is divided into five eras: the Age of Navigation, the Age of the Industrial Revolution, the Age of America and the Age of Steam. The game depicts the effects of human destruction and modification of the natural environment on wild birds. There are no humans in the game, but they are everywhere. In North America, passenger pigeons in their heyday have dwindled, forcing them to flee their homes and join other birds in search of new ones. The map of the game is an inversion of the north and south continents.

Gameplay and Advantages

• Bird World: the first bird world online game, experience a different game world.

• Dynamic scenes: Breaking stereotypes; Introduce the concept of dynamic scenes; Terrain, architecture and weather dynamically change

• Physical engines:  The effective combination of online games and solo physical games makes the fun of combat perfectly

• Strategy gameplay: Easy to get started, hard to master; Novice gradually promoted; Burning brains: take on top players

• Freedom & Exploration: Sandbox world, freedom,  exploration, the search for the unknown underground ancient civilizations

• Surprising plots: Bird conservation theme plot , surprises are everywhere, come and explore


Six races, with four in the early stage, and five professional divisions.

• In the early stage, there were four races: Sand Sparkle, Wind Wave, Burning Sky and Green Forest. Later, Whistling Dust and Shiny will be added, all of which will form the five classes.

• Burning Sky: Mainly raptors, cowboy and badlands style. While the mainland’s native raptor series uses the audience’s impression of the West to enhance the character’s identity, referencing American cartoons from various periods, such as West Sheriff.

• Grey Forest: Mainly forest birds, Aztec and Mexican styles. Native forest birds of the mainland series, the audience to impress European forest rangers, add the identity of the inca civilisation characters, such as Robin Hood, Mohican, Tarzan and other images.

• Sand Sparkle: mainly used for land birds, desert wanderers and Indian style. The Mainland Poultry series, the audience’s impression of Mexico in the middle of the continent adds to the character’s identity, referencing the performance of American cartoons in various periods.

• Wind Wave: It is mainly a bird of the sea, in the style of pirates of the Caribbean and medieval navy. Mainland waterfowl series, the audience’s impression of the Caribbean in the central continent to increase the identity of the role, reference pirates of the Caribbean, a series of big sailing films and television games.

The five divisions:

Burning Sky: Bald eagle – Raptor, firearm attack, export type unit, West Sheriff image.

• Green Forest : Woodpecker – Woodpecker, wielding cold weapons, output units, Forest Ranger form.

• Sand Sparkle: Turkey – the initial unit; Rhea, firearm attack, export type unit, Mexican ranger image.

• Wind Wave: Continental crane – waterfowl. Physical damage, unit output. Mainland police officers.

City system and combat map introduction 

In Bird World, each area map is a separate chapter, and each chapter will have a new character to the main city as one of the players, monsters or NPCs.

• The battle map matches the geography of each chapter, showing the snow scene in Chapter 1 and the tundra scene in Chapter 2.

• Rich battle map, ice and snow, tundra, grassland, plateau, mountain, ocean, etc., with rich scene effects to increase the sense of empathy.

•Super funny character image, rich hit performance. Each role has an independent attack, hit, win, lose, N combat, non-combat standby action, used to enrich the role image.

Other Elements

• Nautical Treasure Hunt: Each cruise has a different route and fun. Choose different routes, experience different dangers and adventures, and finally reach the treasure of all pirates’ dreams.

• The Lighthouse and Secret West: Main, new challenges beyond side quests. The Secret West allows users to experience new story content, challenge difficult secret reward commands, and earn high rewards. Climb towers and challenge difficult lighthouses to earn high rewards in traditional card games such as The Lighthouse. The higher the ability, the higher the reward.

•  Match-ups: Beat your best competitors with the most interesting combination of strategies. Whether it’s one team or three, the arena is full of games of strategy and power. Whether you occupy or hold a position, you are the king of the arena.

• UI & positioning: Old yellow paper + early industrial style + steam during the Great Voyage period. Locating the era with great nautical style, using early industrial + steam elements to differentiate itself from competing products or other common games.






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